What kind of bed is your toddler in?

I’m curious to what sort of bed you’d have two toddlers in? they are in the Disney princess toddler beds from Walmart. it’s been about a year now, but since they still share a room and their beds are close together what would be my best option? two day beds? something they can still have close to each other but a bigger bed


Look on Wayfair.

If you got money, def Pottery Barn kids. Only you know what space you’re working with and what would make sense in your home. There’s not enough info in this.

But I find overly researching different styles and reading reviews helps. Good luck

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If you get day beds you can put them together to make a really big “crib” but they’ll have all the room.

I think it depends. My two 5 and 8 share a queen bed by choice. They have their own beds and own room, but they sleep great together for now. I’m not sure there is a “best” option. Just whatever works for them.


My 4 and 13 year old have twin beds

Twin bed but Montessori bed, that’s how my 15 month sleeps in his room

My 2 and 7 year old have a trundle twin bed. The 2 year old sleeps on the lower bed for safety but is still an arms length from sissy so he feels safe

Depends . I got a mini bunk bed . Idn how if your children are twins . But the mini bunk bed worked here

I have my 4 year old in a twin bed. I also have bed rails for safety.

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My 4 year old is now in a twin bed of his own. But, we started with a toddler bed when he was 2. The transition went well because he was excited to be in a big boy bed like his brother.Anyways to answer your question best option I’d say is a day bed with a trundle. This way during day it’s one bed to save room and at night it’s two beds

Get a twin with a trundle bed if you’re worried about room.

We have 2 twin beds for our 2 girls in their room.

Saw a bunk bed style on wayfair awhile back with a slide for toodler on top

I have my toddler in a twin size bed but I’d personally get a daybed with a trundle or bunk beds or even a smaller loft bed that can have another mattress under it

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You can get a daybed with a trundle (2nd bed underneath that slides out).

A normal bed but One with edges so he doesnt fall out. You can buy rails to prevent that so you don’t have to change beds every growth spert and walls help.

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My oldest has been in a twin bed since she was 2.5 but she is also extremely tall. We figured it would last longer anyways. And it was easier to transition her.
We also kept in mind the thought of traveling, especially since she has Autism, Familiarity is important, I don’t want her going from sleeping in a toddler bed at home to a “big bed” at a hotel. It would cause chaos she’s now almost 4

Trundle beds are cool :heart:

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My kids sleep twin beds but they are going to be switching to bunk beds soon

When we got our own place after moving to Texas and living with family, we bought our the paw patrol toddler bed, but soon got pregnant with our 2nd son. So we needed the crib bed out of the toddler bed, plus my son kept pushing his bed all over the place. So we switched him to our old queen bed and now that’s what he sleeps in.