What kind of bed is your toddler in?

Maybe do two twin beds and put them like this that way they’re still close to each other but in their own beds.


Trundle bed ! They can sleep close every night , take turns who gets what bed , and it also tucks away for more room space

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My 3 year old daughter’s crib converts into a day bed and then it also converts into a full size.

We got my brothers a king size mattress cause they refused for the longest time to not sleep next to each other once they changed out of that we got them bunk beds which I think are about 30 bucks at walmart if I’m not mistaken

None of my kids ever had toddler beds. They went straight from crib or my bed to twin. If the room is small you may want to look into bunk beds. I know it sounds scary. I put a matress on the floor unless the child in the top fell out. It never happened. It would take less room than 2 toddler beds.

I would buy a normal single bed or maybe bunk beds, I think half the problem with kids not wanting to sleep in their beds is because they cheap small ones that are not comfortable so I’d definitely get normal adult size beds

We bought toddler bunk beds from Walmart.com they are twin size bed but one is on the ground basically and another in a few feet up top.
Perfect for 3-7 year age range.

Toddler bunk beds from ikea! Freed up so much room