What kind of diet is good for someone who has PCOS?

So I just found out I have PCOS and was wondering what kind of diets worked for others that had it? We’ve been trying for about three years to have another baby to find out. This is why we haven’t been able to get pregnant. So now I’m on a new med to help me ovulate so I can hopefully get pregnant soon. My Dr said losing a little weight would help with getting pregnant so that’s why I was wondering what diets worked for others. Thank you in advance


Low carb diet, no sugar. Keto diet. Tons of cardio

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Keto worked for me. 30lbs in 3 months and then dr put me on metformin. I was pregnant within that first month.

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Low fat low sugar. Especially important to follow portion sizes. My daughter was diagnosed last year at the age of 15 with PCOS and prediabetic and now at 16, we found out last week she is fully diabetic now. So its a whole different learning game for diet…

Keto isnt right for a lot of ppl and its not ok long term as its restrictive and can cause issues. I dont have health issues but ended up w my gallbladder inflamed bc of keto. Never in my life had issues w my gallbladder either!

I walked an hour at a track 4-5 times a week no soda no sugar (candy sweets) lots of protein a lot of water took cinnamon (2 capsules a day with breakfast) lost 35 pounds ) I’m 22 weeks pregnant

Whole foods. Count calories. No dairy. Good luck :heart:

Diabetic diet or Mediterranean diet

No dairy, no refined sugar, no carbs (or very minimal of all but I found that when I cut all 3 out I noticed a huge difference)

Keto! I tried to conceive for 8 years and had my baby 2 months ago. The only reason I got pregnant was from keto.

Margherita Scott maybe you could help?

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It’s important to know if there are other underlying medical conditions. My daughter has PCOS and after a year on a low glycemic diet and supplements she was able to lose weight and conceive. She took prenatal vitamins and chelated minerals, omega 3, extra vitamin D, Coquinone and Saw Palmetto. Feel free to private messaging me for more information.

honestly weight watchers. It works for long term. If you actually follow it, it does help you learn overall better choices which can be sustained lifelong.

Look at ‘Kym Campbells 30 day challenge’ she does free meal plans every so often and I think the next one is the 21st, I’ve not tried it but am going to next week when it starts but I’ve been following her and the group for a while and theres always fellow PCOS ladies who have conceived with her help xx

Low carb low sugar. Just like a diabetic diet.

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I did acupuncture, on my abdomen during ovulation, I have teo healthy boys, the Dr said I couldn’t have kids

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A co worker of mine that also has this condition had been doing keto & she said its done wonders for her.

Gluten free worked for me in one month. I had been trying IUI and fertility drugs to get pregnant for 2 years prior.

Was told I couldn’t have kids and I got a beautiful 2 year old. I didnt do no special diet or anything

Keto!!! Keto!!! Turned out I have one boy and baby on the way