What kind of formula should I choose for my baby?

Hey, I’m needing help on picking a formula for my baby suggestions, please? There is Too much to choose from!


Hospitals usually start babies on similac advanced then change it based on how babies stomach handles the formula

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It’s more like what will ur baby choose. Lol
Start with whatever they give you at the hospital and see how ur baby does with it. Go from there.


Ask your pediatrician, in case your child needs any special nutrients

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Hospital will give the baby formula to start with. If it doesn’t work ask your Dr about other formulas. I personally breast fed my first born. Nothing better than colostrum for them when they first enter this world.

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I do enfamil gentlease … it’s a safe bet!


The walmart brand is really close to enfamil and cheaper

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Similac or honest company, ask your pediatrician they will give free samples. Sign up for free samples in the mail similac Enfamil they send set of 3 cans and coupons.


Hospitals have contracts with different manufacturers. One of my girls got Gerber from one hospital the other got Similac. It depends more so on the needs of the baby, the baby’s digestive tolerance than anything else and of course cost for the parents. We used enfamil gentleease with one and similac pro sensitive with the other.

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I actually went with the target formula for my son and it sat better with him then the big brands and was half the price.

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Is baby born yet?
Typically its simulac advance but if you see baby spitting us alot or fussy or gassy or such then you adjust formula with recommendation of your childs doctor.

Soy formula can mess with the males reproduxtive system. A nice alternative to this is nutramigen… your baby will chose tho but def do your research, as formula is man made. Figure out whats best. If you get WIC, target is a great place to cash in those vouchers. They often have deals with gift cards if you spend so much on baby stuff.

Wait until your baby is born if baby isn’t here yet.
Odds are the formula you buy before baby is born is the formula your baby will not tolerate.
I’d look at cost, size of container & prep.
Are you willing to mix in bulk? Concentration liquid would be an option to consider. Are you wanting you planning on using daycare? Then look at per serving packs or 12.5 can for day use.
Look at the nutrition facts. Generic formula is just the same as name brand. Formula is regulated by the FDA. They can’t sell it unless it meets certain standards.
If you think baby has a problem ADDRESS in hospital. They change it & see how baby does.

I used gerber good start at first and my little had a lot of spit up with it then we switched to walmart brand gentle. He loved it and it was SO much easier on our wallet! I’d start with the walmart one and see how they do on it and go from there!

My doctor always picked !

Parents choice (Walmart brand) was the only one that my oldest wouldn’t spit up or get a diaper rash from. It’s just as good as name brands (in our case, better) and we only spent $25 a week on it.

If you qualify for WIC I’d start them on something WIC approved. Just a thought!

It’s not really up to you unfortunately lol whatever works best for baby!! The hospital will give you something like enfamil or similac regular formula

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My son uses elecare right now because he has a dairy allergy, he will be switching to elecare jr tomorrow since he’s now one.

We used similac as thats what was automatically approved through WIC and what the hospital gave us when he was born