What kind of pregnancy pillow did you get?

I’m looking into getting myself a pregnancy pillow and can’t decide on the shape. Did you use one? If so, a U or a C shape, and what did you think of it?


C shaped and I liked it

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I didnt but I heard the u shape was better that’s the one I’m going to get my daughter

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I got a U shape. I liked being on my side with my stomach supported and that cradled feeling in my back.

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I’ve had both— one for each pregnancy. I looooved the C shape… especially for middle of the night feedings after the baby was born. I could cuddle with it to sleep and then when I needed to feed— fold it in two and instantly have back support and arm support for feeding! It’s also great now for a reading pillow. The U shaped was also great— I just haven’t used it as much as my C

C shape I like to curl up in it. Also doubles as a breast feeding pillow afterward.

U shape lasts longer

I had one like this & loved it. But I’m thinking of trying the one that goes down both sizes

I used a regular body pillow


I had a U shaped one at the beginning of my pregnancy and felt it took up too much space in the bed and was too big to move the way i wanted it to. I got the C shaped pillow off of groupon and love it! Works great for sitting up to feed baby girl now that she is here too!

I got a U shaped one. It’s super long and soft and I loved it.

I got the U. I loved it! My SO made me move it off the bed for a while cause it took his place :rofl:

I used a C shaped on from Motherhood. Best $60 I ever spent :joy:

C shaped because it gives me comfort everywhere back legs, in between legs protects the belly everything

C i still use it even tho my toddler hogs it

I just got 2 king size pillows and 2 queen size…works wonders and I can build a fort to keep my husband from waking me up at night for things

I have the u shaped and love it

I had the U shaped pillow and absolutely loved it. Not going to lie though my husband got jealous of it lol

I got a u shaped its nice because it has multiple uses and I can just flip over in the middle of the night and not have to readjust my pillow

U shape worked best for me since I flip flop from side to side. No readjusting the pillow necessary.