What middle names go with Katherine?

What middle name goes well with the first name Katherine? We are naming my daughter after my husbands grandmother but struggling with a middle name. We prefer something uncommon. TIA!


may not be to original but i like katherine elizabeth!


Lynn, Grace , Lee, Kay, Jo

Mine is Catherine Leanne

Marie, Elena, Olivia, Grace, Rosalie, Elizabeth, or another idea if you know you’re family genealogy go back through history you may find some unique names 1st or middle that could go with it

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Katherine grace
Katherine rae
Katherine danay
Katherine Nicole
Katherine Ann
Katherine Shay
Katherine Rose
Katherine Leigh
Katherine Michelle
Katherine Denise

Elise, Roseali, Faye

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My Aunt is Katherine Jenean


Maybe your grandmother or great grandmother’s name or middle name. My oldest son is named after both his great grandpas. Arlen is my grandpa’s first name Eugene was his dad’s grandpa’s middle name.

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Katherine Renee
Katherine Elizabeth
Katherine Nicole

Katherine Jade, Katherine Aurora, Katherine Reese, Katherine Fern, Katherine Harris

My granddaughter is Aryela Katherine

I’m a Kathryn Elizabeth

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Our daughter’s name is Katherine Cole. Cole is after my sister, whose middle name is Nicole. We just shortened it to nake it unique

Mary. My mom’s name was Kathryn Mary

Probably not what you’re going for but I’ve always wanted to give a child the middle name, “Danger,” so that they can tell people that Danger is their middle name.


Louise, Raine, Eliza, Ava, Rielle

My moms name is Katherine Anne

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Zoey Olivia Willow Harlow. Heaven