What precautions did you take before giving birth?

I’m due to have my baby in 6 weeks and am just wondering what other moms have decided to do to take precaution about covid19/coronavirus. I’m not sure how long I should wait to let others that don’t live in my home hold the baby… such as grandparents and another family. Just looking for advice and opinions


Same meaning to ask im due in 3 weeks n nervous about it… but I do know they want one person with you n to wear a mask doing labor n out right away like the next day

I had my daughter a month ago and honestly I only let people come by if they test a covid test and have to be quarantine for 14 days after they take the test. I also have them wear a mask. It might be excessive but I have a new born and an 11 year old with asthma. They have a choice to do it and come see the baby or I can just send them pics and videos. At the end of the day it’s your child and they have to respect your decision.


I feel like if they are people you normally hang out around (like weekly) I wouldn’t really make them wait. Other than that your discretion. Idk how much a covid test cost but check temps maybe

With a time like this protect you and your kids. People should understand if you say no. If they don’t understand then I’m sorry in advance of you having to deal with them but I pray that all your guests will respect your choice. I personally wouldn’t allow anyone near a new born baby maybe if they were closer to a year but you mentioned the other child having asthma and since covid attacks the lungs primarily I wouldn’t let anyone that would be questioned to even have a possibility of covid. Unless a clear negative recently combined with self quarantined leading up to seeing the baby

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I wouldn’t let anyone over besides who you live with. Its not worth the risk.


Have any ofyour friends/ relatives who will want to see the baby had the whooping cough vaccination, and if not keep them all away for Covid as well.

I’m definitely no time soon

I give birth in two weeks and plan to do exactly as I have for my other two :woman_shrugging:t2: Same as always, no one kiss the baby and wash their hands! Anyone is welcome to visit!


The only thing I did/ do is have them use hand sanitizer, and only close friends and family hold him he was born in June

My newest is 1 month old. No one has held him besides dad and i. My dad has come over with mask and washed up but was nit allowed to hold baby. He did play with my toddler tho. We have also had my grandparents over outside. All 6 feet apart. Not sure when we will let anyone hold him. Next year, maybe lol. But my dr said wait at least 6-8 weeks. If things looks better in jersey.

I plan to only allow parents and siblings of my husband and I for the first 4-6 weeks, and will be asking them all to mask while in our home and wash their hands before they hold the baby. I already know some people are likely to have a problem with it, but if they won’t do that, they don’t get to see the baby. My mother-in-law will also be coming to stay for a weekend, so we’ll be asking her to test and quarantine before her visit.

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I had bubs 3 months ago… There wasn’t anyone visit hospital only my partner… very rarely the nurses touched my son the nurses that did I watched to make sure they washed there hands an cleaned there thermometer before they used it… was a bit cautious at the hospital as that’s the main place we went during lockdown but I stayed in my room.

I had my sister in law an brother in law hold him when he was born, my 5 year old daughter stayed with them while I was in hospital.

Still waited for bubs to have his 6 week needles (whooping cough etc) we didn’t have any corona cases where my mum etc lived so wasn’t as freaked but if they are sick with a cold we dont visit … also was no kisses, no touching face , hand sanitizer …

Mine was close family only but really depends on the cases where u live I guess.

I’m in your boat I got about 5 weeks left me an my husband have decided first day home noone comes over after that we are doing one at a time family first like my 2 bonus children are first period that’s was my choice they are the only ones aloud the first day to meet there new baby brother after that we are letting only family an friends we know arnt sick come over one group per day as to not overwhelm me as a new first time mom-mom or our son an everyone will wash there hands an sanitize befor holding him

Thank you for posting this question and for everyone that responded. I’m about double that. I’m due in November and didn’t even think of this yet. Very helpful to mentally prepare for what’s to come and prepare family ahead for our decisions around this!

I called close family about 3 weeks before my induction and asked them to crack down on isolation and masks for those weeks before my daughter would be born. It felt better letting visitors trickle in after knowing they did.

Well I’m due for a c section in about 5 weeks. I have to have my mom’s help with my almost 2yr old, so she will be around as well as my dad. They are taking every precaution possible and will be pretty much self quarantining for the two weeks prior to my c section (if at all possible.) my brother and SIL will have to self quarantine for two weeks prior to meeting the new baby (but they were pretty much planning that anyways due to having to be out of the country prior.) those are the only people coming into our home for at least the first two months of life. Obviously same general rules apply- no kissing baby, wash hands etc. my doctor thinks we’ll be back to a small lull in cases for a bit, then we’ll see another uptick two weeks after the Labor Day holiday because people gather together for holidays. I have a feeling that will kind of be the pattern for a while to come.

I had a baby 10 weeks ago and people were very respectful, I waited a month before letting family and friends hold him
Some friends came to the front lawn and gave gifts and just looked
It was nice knowing they respected that

If you do decide to let people visit. Ensure they are properly washing hands. Have them wear a mask while holding/in close proximity of baby.

Had my baby in April. Only let the grandparents visit. Noone else got to see her until after she had her first set of shot, but it was only immediate family (and our realtor because be were selling/buying a house) other than that noone else has seen her. We’ve skipped out on weddings & other family gatherings to keep us safe.

Do whatever you feel is best though! Dont let people pressure you or talk smack because of the decisions you decide to make. :heart: