What precautions is your family taking with newborns and other family during covid?

My husband and I have a blended family, and our first baby together is expected any day now. We both have children from previous relationships who are in our home about half of the time. They all go to in-person school and who knows where else with their other parents. I’m concerned about having all the kids around the new baby with the risks of COVID and the easily compromised immune system of a newborn. Maybe I’m overthinking the whole situation, but I’d rather be safe than not. I am just asking for any input from anyone who could be in similar situations at this time, as far as precautions your family is taking?

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Make sure they wash hands before touching baby. Don’t wear shoes in the house, have them change clothes or even shower before seeing and holding baby.


We had our daughter Feb 24th just before all this happened. We have 3 older children 1 of which is here about half the time and goes to school. We have not had any problems and they all go to daycare with other children.

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If they have been around you while your pregnant your already exposed. You can’t send the children away indefinitely


Maybe ask other parents to limit their outings but if big kids have been coming and going the last 10 months you should be fine. Maybe add in some extra hand washings and hand sanitizer.


How many children normally are there are the same time?

If you’ve had them around you while you’re pregnant then there’s little difference. You’d also be alienating your other children which could hurt their feelings especially with the new addition.

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I make my children wear a mask when they are next to the baby and wash their hands. They are in school as well. So far we’ve been safe. They understand and don’t mind. I make anyone who comes near him mask up.


Just take extra precautions. Make sure everyone uses hand sanitizer before entering the house, wash hands before they do anything else when arriving at the house. Change clothing as soon as they arrive at the house. I wouldn’t limit the children that belong to you or your spouse. That could have a lot of detrimental effects on the kids.

Wash wash wash hands. Check their temps when they get back to your house if you’re really that concerned. However, keeping clean and making sure they aren’t sick is all you can do. Maybe you can work something out with the other parents that the first week you can just come home with the baby and the other parents can have the kids. That gives you a little time alone and a little time to set your mind at ease. But you can’t keep the kids away forever. Just explain to the kids they need to be washing their hands before they hold the baby, and they can’t kiss the babies mouth or hands.

I had my daughter in August. We limited the number of visitors for the first month. Everyone has to use hand sanitizer before holding her and absolutely no one allowed to kiss her besides me her dad and my other two children. My older two kids go to their bio dads occasionally and we’ve been out in public more the last few weeks. I’m breastfeeding so that’s a huge boost for baby’s immune system. As for your kids and your spouses kids I wouldn’t keep them away from the baby. Just take precautions with hand washing and no kissing.

Wash hands often and always when entering the house. Change into new clothes when coming home. Even showering can help. No shoes in the house is always cleaner. Thankfully its not affecting babies as much as adults. Try to get the kids to stay out of babies face. No kisses.

I think its a shit thing to not let other children who also belong there be there because you two decided to have a baby. And I think your kids will be extremely upset about it

I don’t have other children or a blended family to worry about which would change things, but my son hasn’t met any family outside of the family that lives on the property with us. He’s 7 months old and it hasn’t bothered him at all to not have met any of the family.

Oh it will be ok. You can’t ship your other kids off. You all made the decision to send them to in person school therefore you know the risks. Make sure they wash hands when they get home and cough and sneeze in their elbows.

We let only 2 family members come at a time. Asked them to change clothing if they had been out, and for them to shower before coming and to wash hands before holding our baby. Just do what makes you comfortable :blush:

I had my daughter in may and my niece and nephew are in kindergarten. My brother and ex sister in law make sure that they know the importance of their mask to keep them and the baby safe. I’d get all parents together and communicate about it. Goodluck!

I would say talk to your dr and see what they recommend , adjust accordingly even if it hurt s feeling s as it’s about the health of your baby ,

You’re asking NOW when the baby is due any day now. Wow

Please do not make the kids feel like they can be a part of the new babies life. I understand the fear with having a newborn, but as parent of a blended family it is already difficult for kids when a new child comes into the family. Take some precautions such as staying seperated from baby and others if any sign of illness or temp. Just take the same precautions you would if any of your other children became sick.