What pregnancy problems casues difficulty breathing?

Since I’ve been pregnant i’ve had a hard time breathing and been short of breath a lot. Does anyone know what might cause that or has anyone experienced it? If so how did you solve it?

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Definitely talk to the doc about it right away. I’ve only heard of that once baby is full term and big.

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Absolutely should talk with your Dr. For me when I was pregnant (my asthma ) would attack up more. But like I said talk with your Dr. Wishing you happy Healthy pregnancy.

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Happened to me. Sometimes it’d be so bad I had to get on the bed or floor on my hands and knees…my baby was breach til abt 32 weeks…try getting down on your hands and knees…letting your belly hang below you and see if that helps, if so, maybe the same thing,

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So when your pregnant everything shifts including being pushed up on your diaphragm it is completely normal

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Call the doctor. It’s not normal and can be dangerous.

It’s completely normal your lungs are being smooshed and everything is shifted . Now if your hyperventilating or lips turning blue definitely seek medical attention

I been told by my doctor it’s normal… especially after the 2nd trimester. Everything is getting moved up. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant. I been experiencing this for some weeks now. It happens more at night for me… sometimes I wake up gasping for air from my sleep. It does suck! :pensive:

Pressure on the diaphragm from growing baby and moving organs

Check with yourOB/Gyn Dr. Being pregnant is a gradual thing for your body to get use to the changes.

Depending on how far along you are, it can be completely normal to experience shortness of breath while pregnant. As the baby grows and gets larger, it can put pressure on your lungs, making it difficult/impossible to take a full breath. If you’re concerned, you should consult your OBGYN to see whether or not what you’re experiencing is normal.


The bigger my belly got the more trouble I had breathing. If you’re at the end of pregnancy it’s pretty normal. Baby is taking up space in your upper abdomen that is usually open, this applies pressure on the diaphragm. As a result you get winded faster, also you have more weight than your body is used to and it is working harder to move it around.

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I had anxiety, but only when I had to go to work and do hard labor. I had to endure for 81/2 months never missed a beat. Also your chest cavity is pushed up and all your insides are compacted with baby, so it’s a normal thing. Watch how much you eat, you can be really full quick and it will cause shortness of breath

Not trying to be a fear-monger, but a symptom of covid is difficulty breathing. Just keep it in mind. As your baby gets bigger, it definitely affects your ability to take a deep breath or not get winded at things like cutting your toenails, but there is a pandemic that should be mindful about as well. Good luck!! Hope all is well.


I guess it depends on how far along you are, it’s not mentioned in your post. As the pregnancy advances, you’ll have less and less room
In your abdomen as baby pushes upwards into your diaphragm. It’s normal but can also be anxiety provoking so try to find ways to reduce anxiety and change positions a lot. Good luck!


My first baby was very big and long it seems he occupied a lot of room from right under my chest causing shortness of breath, just my experience, please always check with your Dr. Good luck with the baby


I had a hard time breathing and got very tired easily in my last pregnancy and it turned out I had a severe iron deficiency that required infusions. I would at least mention it to your provider.


That happened to me, too. And my heart was always racing if I did “too much work.” My doctor said the baby was probably positioned high in my belly and pressing on my lungs. It stopped after I gave birth.

It happened to me with my 2nd child. I had family come down from Ecuador and we went to show them around Hollywood and I walked a block and I felt like I was sooo exhausted. I mentioned it to my doctor especially since I didn’t have that issue with my first child and he said it’s normal because the baby is putting pressure on my lungs. Luckily it went away after I had the baby which thaf is what scared me the most.