What role should I play in planning my step daughters wedding?

Hey, y’all! I have a question that’s not beauty-related. Any ladies that have been in a role as either the mom, stepmom, or daughter in a blended family. My husband’s daughter is getting married. I have been in her life for almost ten years. What role am I expected to play at her wedding? I’d love to be next to her father, but I don’t want to over step


Ask her. It’s her wedding.


I would lay back and wait for her to ask for your participation.


Its her special day. Ask her what she wants

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I agree, with above statement :heart: simple

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Explain just that to her. Ask her what you can do to help and be a part of it

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UMMMM he is your husband, How is this overstepping? Your place is next to your husband periodt!!


I have a step-father that was in my life for over ten years before I got married and I think that he did the right thing by waiting for me to approach him with what we wanted him involved with. I would think that would be the best way to handle this situation. Unless you’re really close and can just casually talk about the wedding. She may open up about what she’s expecting. Good luck!

Ask the bride what she would like for you to do.

Lol, regardless of how good your intentions are and have been, you’re still “ not my mom” wait until she asks for your participation that way you know you’re wanted and actually maybe appreciated. Just my opinion and how I’d handle things with my experiences with step kids.

Im not a stepmom but I’ve been the stepdaughter getting married. Tell her you are willing to help her with anything and then step back unless you’re asked or told what role to play. Every situation is different. I wasnt close to my birth mom so mine was different. My stepmom was actually my maid of honor but as I said everyone is different.

I agree you should ask her what makes her comfortable. Don’t want to cause any unnecessary drama on her special day.

You know what you want but it’s her wedding. Talk with her and ask her where she would like u to be and what role she wants you to play in her wedding. Be respectful of her wishes even if it doesnt work in your favor.


Ask her what she wants you to do

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It should be up to the step daughter

As a step mom you get no role unless she gives you one. It’s her day ask her what she wants


I agree with some of the other comments.

Just ask her what she wants :slightly_smiling_face:

It is the bride’s day. Ask her. Talk to her.


Well, the just fact that you are asking this question at all says so much about how much you value your step daughter and your relationship with her and the respect you have for her. Keep it up and make sure you just abide by her feelings. Ask her what roles she needs you for. Tell her you are willing to be there in whatever way she needs. She will let you know if you ask her.


Ask her if she wants help.