What services can I get my daughter for ADHD in Virgina?

Does anyone here live in Virginia? I moved here not too long ago and need help! My daughter is 5. She has ADHD. If you are considered low income and even if not, what services can I get to help my daughter? In the other state I lived in, she was supposed to have a wrap-around service. She was going to have at home therapy with a Tss and Bss for 20hrs a week. I believe I can’t remember exactly. I need some sort of therapy for her. What help can I get her? PLEASE, someone, help. I can’t find Anything online, and her doctor’s appointment is in August. I want to be prepared.


Her doctor should be the one to help you with outside of school services but in school services will also be given to her depending on what her needs are. Just wait for your appointment and go from there.

I do not live in Virginia, but you should be able to call the local human services department and get more information on what services are available in your area. Her doctor will be able to help, as well, but if you want to reassure yourself you can try calling human services and seeing if they can assist you with establishing or referring to services for her. If your daughter is having behaviors that you find concerning, you should call the doctor’s office and explain that. They should hopefully move up her appointment if they know the issue is severe. Good luck to you and your daughter! I hope all goes well.

Talk to her dr. He will make your referrals. After her testing and diagnosis the school will meet with you and do a 504 for her school accommodations. But her pediatrician should direct you

Community Service Board provides counseling services for children

If needed she will get an IEP for special accommodations at school

You can call the doctor in advance of your appointment and ask for referral to behavioral and occupational therapy. They can let you know who is best. Also, once she is enrolled in kindergarten, you can get services and support through the school. You have to submit a written request to the office and they have 90 days in which to get you connected with the right people.

I’m in texas, but I would try your local food stamp or Medicaid office and contact the school and see if they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Look in to a Child and Family services Available to help you maybe try to call the City Hall and explain your situation

Call your local school board office. They will have contact info for local and state assistance.

You could call the school district your in and find out who does the testing for the school

From what I’ve heard from family in VA. help like what you’re looking for is hard to find.

Patricia Stafford maybe you would know mom?

I didnt even know there was “resources” for children with ADHD. My son has it and I’ve never heard of anything other than medication and me paying out of pocket for therapy. As for resources with school. When the year starts ask for her to be evaluated and get an IEP in place


Every state will have different labels that drive special education services. In Texas, ADHD is one of those labels. You can google the labels for your state.

I have the same issues. You have to do all of the work and advocate for your child. Find a good child psychiatrist, get referred for ABA services, make sure proper medication is given, as well as other services. As for school, make your presence known and make sure he/she gets and IEP and it’s followed. If not, advocate until your child’s needs are met. Good luck!


Call your Insurance and they can tell you places near by that can help. Also talk to your child’s Dr and they can refer you to someone who can help and maybe even the school. I live in Florida so I don’t know much about your state, but all these people should be able to point you in the right direction

Is she in Kindergarten? If so she could be put on a 504 for special accomidations at school or have an IEP with services put in place. Check with her schoiol.


If you have anything in writing from your previous place, bring it with you to the doctor. And also to the school district she’ll attend. States are supposed to honor IEPs from other states.


Check out child find through your local school district. I’d get in contact now with your child’s future school and see if they can point you in the right direction.