What should 3 year olds be able to do?

What should my child be able to do at age 3? She can write her name and most of the alphabet, etc. Just curious


Academically she is fine.
But remember it’s not all about Academic she also needs social skills the ability to self regulate. Remember to continue working on gross motor skills as well fine motor skills.


That’s great! But I wouldn’t worry so much about academic things. Kids this age are learning what’s socially acceptable and fine tuning their physical abilities as well as expression and speak. They are learning to play with other kids and to share. They need those social things. Which I’m sure she’s learning beautifully. Just don’t burn her out on learning things her attention span may not be ready for. She’s got her whole childhood. Just my opinion and approach.


I have no clue… My 4 yr old can barely write his name and only when he is in school and they have him do it… lol the thing with him is fine motor skills… I.e … cutting… And tinier objects are hard for him… His school told me that all kids have different things to work on… if you’re looking to work with her. Some other things could be … like social skills … emotions… Etc…


That sounds like she’s right on track! I would recommend scissor practice and social emotional skills are always important. 1 to 1 correspondence, ability to count consecutively while pointing to each object, is a thing to work on too.

Pinterest is an awesome resource, I used it a ton when my kids were little!

There is no real “should” as every child is different. I have been working with children professionally for more than 2 decades and I can tell you that there is an abundance of variation.

Just spend time with her and have fun. She will learn naturally by exposure…that not only includes exposure to books, music, nature and more but also about kindness, manners and learning personal accountability. Focus on life skills like dressing and undressing, completing bathroom stuff on her own, sitting properly in a chair, using utensils, etc. Honestly…these are the most important things. Family, faith, how to keep her body healthy and safe. Make these your goals over learning how to write with structure.


At that age, :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d be happy if the baby can play, give hugs, smile when he/she sees mom, I’d be happy if the child explores outside, plays in the mud, laughs uncontrollably, I mean I’d be happy if the kiddo is happy, as for academics, I do not care what a 3 yo can do, it is not time for that yet, and that is why I think more and more children are suffering anxiety at a young age, we push them too much to grow up too soon. :confused:


When mine started preschool 3 they could write their first name, knew the numbers to like 50, colors, shapes, the alphabet, about 15 sight words. They were pretty impressed and like why are they here. But unfortunately I was so into them learning education wise I forgot about interaction with people their own age. Which they weren’t that great at. Then other kids that went didn’t really know anything but had been in daycare their whole life and were killing it with being dropped off there and playing with the other kids. So kind of a long winded rant that every kid is different.

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That’s way ahead of the curve academically…work on self help skills and social skills too!


Social skills yes, also puzzles and lacing cards is a plus too! I am in a 3 year old classroom!


Shapes, colors could start if you haven’t. We started at that age start with A. The sound and a scavenger hunt to find 3 things that start with A. Then show them word.

My boys at this age started to memorize their home address and my cell number. It took about a year but memorization skills are always good

Sounds like shes ahead of mine. My 3 year old doesnt even know the alphabet or how to write lol

You are amazing. There There is your validation

That’s really good for 3

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Wow, that’s so advance. Good job kiddo!

Very important to learn manners and respect.

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Thats amazing:) Great job!