What should I do about my toddler cursing?

Hello, my question is, my two and a half-year-old daughter curses. She says the f word and sword. She does use it in the right context. If she drops something, she says it then, or if I tell her no, she might say it or if she falls. I’m not going to lie if I drop something or stub my toe I say one of the curses. But I’m trying to stop now that she copies lol. Any tips to get her to stop? Or should I just let it go? She’s not cursing at anybody or calling names …I tell her, don’t say that but any advice?


Don’t make a big deal AND everyone that is around the baby needs to STOP cursing because she is hearing it somewhere.


Kids that age repeat everything. If you don’t want them to say it don’t let them hear it. My son started saying oh crap. It stopped being said at home and he stopped.


Yiu quit. She’ll quit. Don’t make a big deal about it.


Stop cursing🤦‍♀️ Kids mimic what they see and hear


I personally wouldn’t let it go. Kids are sponges. You should watch what you say around her and don’t laugh when she says it. If she doesn’t stop then you can always do what our parents do and every time she says it put some mustard in her mouth.

I tell my girls that they are mommy and daddy words. I’m my house there is nothing wrong with swearing, but that are not old enough to use them. Then I try to tell them something more age appropriate that they can say. They are 2 and 4


Try and switch it out for another word. For example: my toddler picked up “fuck it” and I told her bucket sounds alot better and she agreed :joy::woman_shrugging:

Ignore it when she says it and just remind those are adult words and to not repeat it. Yes their sponges lol but my 7yr old hears us and knows better not to say it. My 3yr old did do this and slowly faded away i catch him once in awhile saying shit but again i remind him thats a naughty word.

My son has just started doing this I’m trying to ignore it and not make a big deal

I’m old school.
Pop the mouth.
Soap in mouth…

But for the ones saying no to the above…

It is a big deal. Children should not say those words.

Find out where she is hearing it from.

Tell her they are bad words and children don’t say them.

Take away a toy every time she says them.

Ignore her.


Quit cussing in front of her. Its very inappropriate for a 2 year old to cuss. Parent


She is only repeating what she is hearing. If the bad words are stopped around her then she’ll stop saying them. And let her know it’s a bad word and not to say it.

I change the word my daughter said what the f### once so I go what the wacka wacka thats silly like fazzy from the muppets. After a couple of wocka wockas she forgot the original word. Now she’s 3 and likes saying butt butthead ect…

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Take away a toy every time she does it. Put her in time out every time she does it. Tell her it’s for adults to say and she is a kid.

When she says fuck you say truck. Until she does.

I told my daughter it was a bad word. And we no longer curse. Not only did we stop cursing around her we stopped it in general… Her grandma still curses but my daughter now knows it a bad word and she better not say it. If you curse your kid is going to think iys okay to curse… Plain and simple. Kids wanna be/do just like mommy and daddy do.

Quit swearing in front of her. Telling her not to won’t work if she’s seeing you do it. Young kids lead by example.

Ignore it. Try not to use curse words. I curse like a sailor and I have 3 grown children. Had to watch myself when they were little.


They really don’t know any better. But maybe just ignore it, she’ll probably learn more words that’ll replace it. & try not to cuss bc kids learn new words so fast