What should I do about my wedding crashers?

I am getting married in November. It is a destination wedding in Las Vegas. We are making a vacation out of it with our kids. My fiancé has a son from a previous relationship. Also, his ex has a son from a relationship before her, and my fiancé was together. Her oldest son (the one who is not my fiancé’s) just informed us that they are coming to our wedding and are going to go on vacation with us. What?! We have already sent out invitations, and she was NOT invited. My fiancé isn’t one to hurt anyone’s feelings or be the bad guy, so his response was, “oh, ok, we’ll just meet up with you guys out there.” Am I wrong to be furious about this? This is my wedding I’ve been waiting for my 38 years of life for, and I’m not about to have her and her son fly out with us and ruin it for me!


Woooow he deserves better


Wow. The kid probably sees him as a dad. He was is family once. I would run if I were him.


It’s not just YOUR wedding for one. For two of you’re “furious” discuss this with your fiancé and not Facebook.


I have questions? Would she ruin it? Did/does he treat the non biological son like his? Have you tried to get along with her for the sake of their kid together? (Just asking that one bc my ex husband’s wife is one of my best friends.) Does he want them there? It’s his wedding also.


You’re an idiotic cunt. Jealous hoe.

Wow…fuck that!!! Stand up for your self and make your voice heard!! No nope not at all thats bullshit …there is no reason they should be going with you…you need to put your foot down or else shit like that is gonna keep happening i feel…

Um not to be mean but if he was with her and that child who isn’t his was in the picture its kind of hurtful to the child for just ripping him away. If he still has a relationship with that child then that’s his child as well in my opinion. My stepkids are mine kids forever. My husband has treated my son like his own since day one. I don’t expect to rip him away from my son if we every part. I think you should really put your feelings aside and think about this child’s relationship with your husband. How are they going to ruin “your” day. What if they want to celebrate your union? I mean if I could have a great relationship with exes for my kids sake its all for the better. I think you need to sit down and talk to your fiance.


So is the problem that the son is coming or the ex? How will they ruin it? Is 2 people really a big difference? :thinking:


I don’t think their should be an issue with the kid being there and going, but the ex too? That I don’t blame you for. But if that kid looks at him like a dad that should be a non issue


I think you and your fiance should have taken the non biological son with you and your biological kids, so that he was included. He obvs sees him as a father. That way the ex wouldn’t be needing to make the arrangements.


I think your guys needs to run for his life, shall we say selfish little girl? :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Ok, I’ll be the one to say it. Why in the hell would I want my new husband’s ex at my wedding? That is a conversation the ex should’ve had with fiancé and allowed the son to go, not her. Do not use his son as an excuse to invite yourself. nope. Like who does that?


If he raised that kid and it’s also his sons brother then why not :woman_shrugging:t4:but I totally understand not wanting the ex.


Dang…thats some drama💯 so that’s a NO for me…the ex is not needed their an ex for a reason an don’t need to be included in future plans…dang these comments are harsh AF!!! People love them some drama…best wishes your way


Depends on the type of person she is. Inviting herself is ridiculous tbh. But if they are the type of people to ruin stuff, I’d straight up tell her she’s not going.

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A lot of women think when they get married it’s “there day” when in fact it’s both yours and much as his! Does it bother you the other child is coming? Maybe he see’s him as a father figure? An the ex to be there :thinking: hmm he should have asked you but I don’t see an issue with his child’s mother being there unless she is known for “drama”. My opinion tho :woman_shrugging:t3:


There are so many wedding going on in Vegas I thing your hubby said it right. Inform your host such person is not invited. No big deal let the staff do their jobs

Really?!?! Omg you said the boy would ruin it too??? I can understand you not wanting her there but that child is an innocent part of all of this. He obviously loves your fiance and wants to be at his wedding.


I think you need to humble yourself. That boy was a big part of your fiancé’s life for a period of time. He was a father figure to him. That kid should not be any sort of issue. I understand the ex but maybe she isn’t comfortable sending her kid there alone (or with you guys) and the kid really wanted to go. And from your comments I can see why.