What should I do about the place I used to work at?

So I worked at Dollar General, and my boss was one of the worst managers ever. He overworked everyone, was very spiteful and manipulative, and if you didn’t get the 20 things done that he asked, he’d cut your hours drastically. I was the only one to stand up for myself because I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, and my doctor told me not to lift over 35lbs for a couple of weeks to avoid major bleeding. The very day I told him about it, he put me on stocking duty and had me stocking the heaviest things we had: dog food, laundry detergent, and 32 pack cases of water. I was livid, but I did what I could. My breaking point was he harassed me. He came out of the bathroom with his hands soaking wet and wiped them off on my arm. It was caught on security footage, and he had previously given me the pass key to see the cameras. So I took a video of what he did to have it as proof, and then I quit. He went from giving me 25-30 hours a week, to 4-10. All because I stood up for myself, and he didn’t like not being able to walk all over me. I posted the video to my Facebook, and it got over 4,000 views. Coincidentally, he was running for school board in our town, and it basically ruined, his campaign. I posted it because I wanted people to see how he really was. I have one previous employee that I worked with willing to go to court with me as a witness of how he treated people, including her. I also had one other girl reach out, claiming he sexually harassed her (smacked her on the butt with a folder). But she doesn’t want her name released, so I know she won’t come to court. I got wind today that he is going to sue me. The video has been taken down for a couple of days. But I’m just wondering, could he win this? I mean, what exactly does he think he’s entitled to? I’m just scared because I’m very broke and if he wins against me I’ll be very upset. I can’t afford a lawyer… does anyone have any advice?


Its not defamation of character or slander if its true so he is dumb to try to sue you


He wouldn’t win. He’s an idiot for even trying. You have video proof AND witness proof of his actions. Nah, you’re good.


Unfortunately he can win. It’s can fall under a couple of things harrasment and defamation of character if you posted the video prior to any charges actually being brought against him. You gotta be very very careful. It’s the same with negative reviews you gotta be careful of what you post.

Does this mean he will? No. But it is a possibility if he has nothing in the court system against him as of yet.

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You need to speak to a lawyer, just so you’re getting accurate advice. Research legal consultation in your area. Where I live, there are firms who will provide a free consultation. You can also look for income based legal advice.


Why was your first step not reporting him to someone higher than him?


You got proof and he doesn’t know it that should be enough

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Yeah! It’s not defamation or slander if the accusations you are making are TRUE. Breathe easy. If he does follow through with it, he won’t get anything out of the case & he’ll take a financial loss.


You are good! You have video of him doing bad things and witnesses as well!


Thats dollar general for you. Call your district manager then HR

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Really depends on if they will rule you taking the video as thief or not…unfortunately with it being private security footage and you posted someone else’s property it could go against you. I am not saying that I think you are wrong and I hope you find a judge and a lawyer who will be able to help you


You should have emailed him the doctors note about the 35# limit. then you would have proof. From what you wrote you don’t have any real proof other then your word. Advice, learn from it (not everyone is a good person) and move on with your life. Not everything has to be a fight.

As for the lawsuit - if he is suing for defamation he would have to prove you posted something unture with the intent of smearing his character. If you made any comments that would support this you might be in trouble.


I am a manger at dollar general. You should have gone to your district manger and HR as well to cover all your bases. But I’m not sure if he can sue you or not I mean I wouldn’t have posted it online but that’s just me🤷🏼‍♀️


Unfortunately, it sounds as though the footage you posted, without permission from the company, was stolen. Regardless if you had access to the footage, no one gave you permission to take it, which makes it stealing. Even if you took it for evidence. As far as your work restrictions, if you provided a note from your doctor’s, stating you are required to be on light duty, different states have different rules. I believe in PA, the company does not have to provide those light duty requirements and could cut your hours until you are released, which would fall on disability pay. Again, every company is different and each state has their own rules. Everyone has had a “bad boss” at one point but you would’ve had a better case if you didn’t post this video on social media because now it looks like you retaliated, when you could’ve said that he retaliated if you just sat back quietly first and not acted on emotion.

Your 1st step should of been reporting him through the employee line. I was a manager of DG for over a year. You are also gonna need written statements from others that have dealt with him or witnessed his behavior to have any leverage. He can’t sue you for ruining his name when there is proof he did the things you are saying.


Posting the video of his behavior is not what can get you in trouble. Taking the video without probably police involved is what is illegal. I don’t really know if you have much recourse except to file for unemployment. Other than that just go through HR. I mean just because you told him you couldn’t lift over a certain amount of weight and he put you on Stocking Duty does it mean he was doing anything wrong if you did not provide proof. I’m in no means sticking up for him because he sounds like a horrible human being but unfortunately things have to be documented legally and go through the proper channels

Call around and talk to lawyers… Something like that you might be able to get a probono lawyer on. He has no case. He’s a narcissist bully. Don’t let him back you into a corner… He’s trying to scare you and, gain control. Fight.


Counter sue him for mental anguish and unfair work conditions especially if you can get a doctor’s note.


What an asshole he is. I hate when companies walk all over their employees!! I don’t believe that your cell video is considered property of the store. These stories make me so angry…when I was 16 my boss would not leave me alone and actually bit me. Sexually harassed daily. And when I told th he higher ups they took away my hours. I quit…I sas just a kid and didn’t know what to do. Hope everything works out for you❤

He’s just trying to scare you… Dollar Tree won’t allow him to sue you… he was harassing you & being inappropriate with his employee… they def don’t want that kind of local or national security…tell them if they threaten or harrass you any further you will sell the video to TMZ…