What should I do about this child support situaiton?

My daughter’s father and I have been doing child support privately since she was 1, and she only ever paid $100 a month, he pays $150 a month now and only recently paid me back after being behind for five months. He sees her once a fortnight (his choice), and I have her the rest. This is fine cause she’s my daughter, and I love her more than life. Now fast forward to now I received my child support letter, and we have always somewhat averaged around what Centrelink adds up, granted he can afford that. I found out he was declaring it all wrong through and said he only received like 7k worth of payments, but he received over 20k. This was back in 2018-2019, and now Centrelink says he owes me over 1500. Should I go through Centrelink and get this money? Our daughter is in my care 98% of the time. I don’t mean to sound like I want that money, but heck, I do cause he has been ripping me off for years and lying! Opinions? Thank you. Please add** I also pay for All her clothes, daycare fees I have always dealt with for over four years; she recently needed surgery which I’m paying off, which was over 2k, all food, everything I have always done. Which I know is my job, and I’d do anything for my little girl, but he does the bare minimum and is still screwing me over in child support which he already was, but now it’s even more than I thought after all these years.


You shouldn’t have even asked the answer is yet because he owe it to you that money can help pay your medical bill new clothes and food so yes don’t hesitate to get it


Go after it… your daughter deserves it.


That money is rightfully entitled to your daughter. He is lucky he only pays 100$ a month. Most men on child support dont understand that the little but of money the court orders is not even enough to cover part of sheltering expenses let alone anything else. If you feel like your being greedy just think about the last 5 months he didnt pay any if it was your landlord you owed for 5 months you’d be homeless right now. If he recieved 20k a small portion of that belongs to her anyway. Never feel like you have to consider his pockets when it comes to your child you did not conceive her on your own and half the responsibilities are his.


Think of your daughter! Do it!

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You do you hun, if he owes it then take while you can!

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I would go after him for the back pay and put it all towards her medical costs.


It really depends, one its a personal choice, yes he should be responsible but going after him also you then take the risk of him going for 50% custody to keep child support payments down.
I personally would go off if u needed the extra support or not.

u need to file hed be paying more then 100 a month

Send him a letter and give him a chance to pay with a deadline. Sounds like you probably need to go to a lawyer and have your support adjusted based off of his pay. Ensure you have the judge knows about child’s medical bills. .

You’re a big dummy if you don’t


You go thru child support to collect the money not centrelink

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Go to child support court and file… It’s a free service in some states… Just finished with it myself

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Get your money girl!!!

If you don’t do it now, you may never be able to try and get it later. Even if you don’t need the money now, you may need it later. If nothing else open a savings account for her and put the payments into it. She will have a nice down payment for a home/car when she is an adult.


Being he doesn’t help that much I would, even if you put it in a bank account for her when she is older :woman_shrugging:

Take the $$ it’s not yours, it is to care for the child. Also now that you got the letter you should be getting his tax refunds or at least up to the amount they show as arrearages!


U should not have to ask. Let the judge tell him how much to pay


Think of the (unintended) side effects the decision could cause. It sounds like he still has some relationship with the child, wouldn’t want to jeopardize their relationship over a few $$.
He definitely owes you, just make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

The money is your daughters, go get it for her


You had a verbal agreement. A person is only as good as their word