What should I do about this child support situaiton?

I would get the money and buy stuff she needs or put it in her account to go towards starting school. Also pay off the surgery.

Without more details, I’d discuss him paying you the $1500 out of court and forgiving it on paper. You said he was months behind and paid you back so who’s to say he won’t pay the $1500? I know it’s a huge risk when child support is handled outside of court but if y’all can maintain this, I’d suggest doing so however since there seems to have been a breech of trust between y’all, I’d consider setting it up through the courts and let them handle it in the future.

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Talk to him about it and if the private agreement isn’t working and your wanting more go thru child support instead…

Make him pay for his daughter… u have every right to what u are owed… only a scummy human being would screw their own child out of the support they deserved

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if he is working you will receive the amount owing when he does his taxes. that is what happens with my sons father anyway

It’s also his job to provide for his daughter. I nit picked everything that was written in my custody order. I get child support, and included what I pay for insurance and meds. His obligation is half. Additionally, it states he’s legally obligated to pay for half of the medical bills. He would also be obligated to pay for half of day care. Everything else like clothes and food is technically what child support is for.


U deserve your child support to take care of your daughter he needs to help you take care of her it’s his place to do it as well , don’t let him take advantage of u

Leave it be. Once you get the state involved you can’t change or fix it.


A child’s relationship with their father is important, if it was me I wouldn’t only because I wouldn’t want to jeopardise the relationship my child is having with his/her father, if I needed more money I would just talk to him first and say hey are you able to help out a bit more with bubs daycare fees (or something like that for the child) I need a hand. Also maybe talk to him first he might not have meant to stuff up his income estimate, and slapping him with such a big amount at once with no discussion can cause some bad effects and is very stressful not many people have that type of money laying around. You sound like you are doing a wonderful job just my opinion but I honestly think you should talk to him first :purple_heart:


Go to child support through the state. My ex and I tried to do it on our own and I had to ask him for money for my sons diapers just to get an attitude from him about the money so i went through the state and things are so much better.

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Try to stay out of court because he can get more rights than you want.


Take it from someone who has been through this. Men do not want to pay child support and will do whatever it takes to not pay. I don’t think you will get any where talking to him. Good luck!

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No no no. I would leave as is. Especially if you aren’t hurting for money
Document every thing. EVERYTHING.
Keep a daily log, what you do everyday with her. When he calls, visits etc.
Keep it in your back pocket in case you end up in court some day.

If you like having her as often as you do, I’d bite your tongue. If you try to fight him he may fight for more time and start a snowball effect of stress and drama. And the court will give him more time unless there’s a safety worry


Best to not do it privately… you are setting yourself up for loss

So you were ok with it… then relise you could have been getting more and now your pissed ? … if you wanted the correct amount you should have gone through the system from the start. You can’t be pissy about something you must have agreed on to start with. Sounds like it’s not about the child but about the money. Take a good hard look at yourself


Take him to court :slight_smile: get that money

Take him for every last cent. She’s his God damn kid too. What a chump :rage:

Ur baby girl is not just your responsibility she is also his to. So I would tell him he needs to give u what ur baby girl deserves.

My thought process is you didn’t make her by yourself, so why should you pay for her by yourself!