What should I expect after my c-section?

C section recovery and what to expect post-surgery. Hi ladies. I’m four weeks postpartum, and I just was wondering about what to expect now. How long did it take those of you who’ve had c sections to have your first real period after surgery? When is it safe to have a bath, I read six weeks, but my incision seems to be healed pretty well. Also, how long did you ladies wait to have sex? Did your doctors tell you to wait till six weeks? Or just once you were back on birth control? Sorry for all the questions, I feel like there’s lots of mixed information out there, I tried keeping it to the point.


That band thing. Which is like a girdle. That is the best thibg ever. You will not have time to recover. Baby will keep your mind at ease.

No baths until you are cleared by your OB at your six week appointment. I didn’t get my period back until 12 weeks but I think that more have to do with if you’re nursing or not rather than C-section versus vaginal.


First period with this one was about 8 weeks for me. Doctors will tell you to wait 6 weeks for sex but I guarantee very few wait…just be super careful because you can still get pregnant before you’re first period. As far as a bath it’s 4 1/2 months since I had my son and I still haven’t had a bath :rofl:

I went 7 week without sex but went slow into it , daughter was born sept 4th and had a period november 10th! And now im pregnant again ahah

I waited six weeks until both times to have sex. My first periods came 3 and 4 months (I have 2 boys). Wait until cleared to take a bath.

Had my staples out at 6 days. Nurses thought itd take me 2 days to get back on my feet. I was walking (slowly) withing 13 hours. Dr said to wait 6 weeks i think we waited 5 lol. Had to go very easy and figure out what i could handle at that point. Was discharged like 36 ish hours after my surgery. Bf took me to eat at my fave (olive garden) the next morning after our first night at home. Moving slow but im very stubborn and determined. I bled for like 24 days and had my first cycle maybe 3 weeks after that. My baby never could get a good latch and when he did he seemed like he preferred formula. I waited till like 3 months to try for a bath.

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I had my first bath roughtly 4 weeks after my csection, i had called and talked to my dr prior to and he told me aslong as the outside of my incision was healed I was fine to bath. Honestly my periods are still all screwed up and I’m 5 months pp, I never actually stopped bleeding after having the surgery, so my dr put me on a new birth control and even now it doesnt help regulate it at all. If you have any other questions or anything feel free to message me if youd like :slight_smile:

I had a shower two days after my section. I smelt so bad lol. I waited 12 weeks mainly because my ex was worried about me getting preggers again and because I was worried it would hurt xx

They say to wait 6 weeks because not only are you recovering from a C-section but birth In itself which leaves a large wound inside of your uterus where the placenta was attached that can get infected.

I was up and walking within a couple hrs after. I wsd staying in a huge hospital and went outside. I never stopped going. I had a period about 4 weeks after I think. I waited on sex til I was cleared. I shower mostly anyway so can’t remember when I took a bath. But when they took the staples out with my son they missed a couple and then ripped them out after my skin was growing around them and that sucked.

I had a shower as well after a few days, just have to cover incision. The more you walk, the quicker you will heal, sex when you feel you can, comfortably usually 4 weeks or so. Then a period after 8 weeks.

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I showed at the hospital, then daily after going home. No baths though so not sure on that. I didn’t have my first period until my baby was about 9 months old (exclusive BF baby) and waited 12 weeks (approximately) before having sex. But this was my second c-section and simply waited until i was cleared and felt comfortable again(no pain)

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For me, it was my first baby, first surgery so I did everything by the books. I bled for 2.5 weeks pp and then got my first period exactly 8 weeks pp. I waited the full 6 weeks to have sex, and after my dr cleared me. not only because of having major surgery but the 6w thing is because your cervix and uterus is still closing and healing and you can get a serious infection. I’ve known ppl not to wait the 6 weeks and be fine but there’s always a risk. Most drs won’t put on on BC until your 6w check up. My dr offered it to me but I chose not to be put on BC.

I bled for around 3 weeks after I had my csection. I quit bleeding and then started back regular periods around 6 weeks pp. I took my first bath around 5-6 weeks postpartum. My doctor did my pp checkup at 4 weeks and cleared me to have sex. We had sex that night. :woman_facepalming:t3::sweat_smile: It was painful but after a few times it got better.

All of that is totally dependent on you. And can vary greatly depending on so many different factors. But if you’re just looking for similarities or averages…

C Section 1: Emergency c-section only dilated to 1+ after 26 hours of labor post induction at 37 weeks. I believe I bled for about 2 weeks and got my period about 6 to 8 weeks postpartum (almost no breastfeeding). Waited 6 weeks for sex as per doctor’s orders (maybe slightly longer because I was having a rough adjustment.)
C-section 2: Planned, 2 days before due date. Bled for 9 weeks straight. Got on birth control and continued to bleed for another 6-8 weeks. Got on some estrogen pills to “reset my uterus” and everything went back to normal (mild breastfeeding). Waited 5 weeks and 5 days (scheduling issues in the coming days, sorry!) to have sex, used a condom, and he pulled out and finished elsewhere for both pregnancy risk and hygiene purposes. However, I never dilated, not even a little (it took 2 doctors t,o get the Mirena inside me because I was so tightly shut) so with the extra precautions, and literally only going 2 days early on the sex, I figured I was safe. And that’s not to say that I thought I was so shut that sperm or bacteria couldn’t work their way in (obviously, I managed to get pregnant), I just didn’t risk as much as someone who used no protection, and did dilate, and didn’t wait the almost 6 weeks. But it was still a mild risk. Honestly though, even the best sex I’ve ever had, isn’t worth what you risk if you go full on, no protection a few weeks postpartum and get bacteria in that placental wound you have healing inside your uterus. And, really, if you can’t wait 6 weeks, or… there about… then I question if you have the amount of self control it takes to care for kids who literally test you every waking second for the rest of your life. It’s not a joke. No sex for 6 weeks is your first parenting test. If you fail that… Maybe you should consider hiring a nanny? Just my opinion, though. Y’all do you.

Waited for 8 weeks before sex, first period was, 5.5 months after, however we were 50/50 breastfeeding and formula. I bathed day of my 6 week post partum appointment.

I didnt wait on anything as told by the doctor. 6 weeks for sex and baths. I was taking a bath I believe at 2 weeks and sex I was back at it very limited at 5 weeks. But then again I recovered from a c-section on tylonal very little apone leaving the hospital. I didnt even finish 1 of those tiny tylonal bottles. I only just this month got my first period and my youngest c-section daughter is 6 months old. I also went on birth control pretty much as soon as possible. I want to say around 10 weeks.

I had a c-section Sep5 and was showering by sep6 the only thing my doctor told was not to have sex for the first 2 weeks , and I had my period November but it’s still changing …

My first c section took longer to heal than the second. After my second c section my daughter was in the NICU and so I had to walk a pretty good distance to see her multiple times a say. I really believe the increase of activity right after the second c section helped me heal faster. Everyone is different but definitely try to move around. I showered the second day after both c sections