What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?

Ok, mamas, I need some help. I started seeing this guy, and we have decided to do Christmas presents. He works outside, and the idea he gave me was something to help keep his hands and feet warm at work. So for all of you that work outside of your significant other works outside what are some of your favorite things to help you stay warm? Please help. Also share links if you have them.


My husband has heated jacket, its usb rechargeable and he LOVES it! Also his boot dryer and wool socks are highly used products

We got our dad a heated jacket he can turn on and off.

Bibs, warm thick socks, fleece thermals.

Something outside the box would be a thermos for Warm drinks & soups!

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Search reusable hand warmers on amazon. There’s a bunch to choose from. Some use fluid. Some charge like a phone. The kind I got my son is also a portable phone charger. Also weatherproof (brand) socks.

A good pair of insulated, water proof boots goes a long way! Thick, wool socks help lots too!

Fleece lines pants, thermal underwear, warm socks

Thick boot socks, gloves, jacket, thermals

They make heated gloves

Fleece lined pants (wranglers are a good brand for these)
Full face (carhart) hats
Merino wool socks (mid or heavy weight)
Hot hands (they make for feet and hands)
Milwaukee makes awesome heated hoodies And jackets but you need to make sure he has a charger for the battery and the battery can make it a little heavy on one side, not really noticeable though. It’s same battery you’d use in a power tool

The Zippo brand hand warmer is amazing!

Where I live it gets to -40 in the winter (northern Canada) my husband works outside in the snow & he loves hand/feet warmers. You can get one time use ones or reusable ones!

Duluth trading company makes some great outdoor and cold weather clothing!

Electric warming vest. My husband works outside and he loves it! Keep your core warm and you stay much warmer.

Carhartt coat. Heat keeping insoles. Vest.

Don’t have a link but a good thing to look at is the dewalt heated jackets. I think Milwaukee tools makes them too

Depending on your price limits … wool socks are great … my sons and husband love … a good warm hat open face type

Long johns gloves blue jean jacket copper tone socks

I know this won’t keep his hands warm, but it will heal them if they get dry and cracked from the cold. It would make a good stocking stuffer. I love this stuff.