What should I get my gamer husband for Christmas?

So my husband is a huge gamer, and I know NOTHING about them. Any ideas on what to get him for Christmas? He has a cool setup and one of the fancy chairs. I was thinking headphones.


Bluetooth headphones…maybe more games

What typr of gaming. Ps4 or xbox one or computer set up?
They have some really good wireless phone set ups at Game stop. Explain to them what system your man has they can suggest a great one… keep receipt. And also buy the protection plan. Because in if you dont get it. You’ll wish you did.

Money for his games. Battle passes I think cost :woman_shrugging: headphones that don’t echo back, batteries and controller Chargers

Light up keyboard and mouse, light up bluetooth headset, xbox or playstation gift card, remote charging station, gaming chair, seagate game drive, gaming travel case. My kids are gamers. All this stuff you can find on Amazon or Best Buy

What platform does he play on?
A headset is ok if he doesn’t already have one and would like to use in game chat. Turtle Beach is a decent brand.
If he’s on Xbox or PlayStation you could get him a Scuf controller.
Depending on what kind of games he plays you could get him any DLC’s he might be missing for any games he plays.

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Rachel Faylynn Singh I’m sure you could help out here

A ps5 or a vr . Depends what consoles he has maybe some new controllers ?

My boyfriend is big into games he was forever complaining he didn’t have enough space to download all the games he owns so I bought him a 4tb external hard drive. Regardless of what system he has every big gamer always runs out of space lol. I got it off of Amazon

A nice headset is always good! Thats usually my go to. That or a game card so he can buy what he wants.

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Shopping spree in his favourite game shop, no less than $500. As things are really expensive if he wants the best ones

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The best headphones is skull candy crusher also if he is a PlayStation gamer psn cards the ps5 if he doesn’t have a PlayStation vr they are fun

playstation network cards(if he has a playstation) headset, controller, games (look at ones he already has and.plays the most for ideas)

Gift card to Game Stop… I would talk with him and see what he is really wanting and what games he likes to play.

Double monitor if he doesn’t have one!! This is my setup !!!


Get your man some kinky wild sex toys . When he opens his gifts tell him it’s time to play a different game. In the bedroom.


New games headphones gaming set up gift cards

I’m in the same spot but it’s with my son he has an Xbox 1s an idk what to get him this year :woman_facepalming:t3:

Get him a personalized controller for his console!! Maybe with his favorite sports team or show

Ps5 or the xbox series.