What should I include in "baby survival boxes" for my family for Christmas?

I want to do “Baby Survival Boxes” as Christmas gifts for the family. But I’m at a loss as to what to include for the older siblings. We have a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. I know I want to put in a gift card, but I was wondering what other little ideas. We also have an 11-year-old boy, but he stays with his mom out of state. We get him Christmas and summertime. So, what would be a good idea to put into his, so he doesn’t feel left out?


What kind of snacks does he like? My 13 year old could eat all day! Mine also likes puzzle games. Fift cards for Amazon, Google Play, that kind of thing is always welcome by my kiddo.

Some specific bedding…my teens like pillows and blankets, but they’re girls.

Jerky, cards, dice, gloves, stocking hats, scarves, markers, chapstick, smell good body spray, notepad, hot chocolate packs, candy, nuts, and gift cards. That’s what goes in ours.

Chap stick, candy, nuts, chewing gum, body wash, and spray. Hand sanitizer, tissue packets, pencils, pens, maybe scarf, gloves, cap. Word find, crossword puzzles, calendar, comb, brush, hair bands, just a few items they should like.

Maybe a digital frame that allows you to send pictures of you all to your son out of state? Def noise canceling headphones lol

Adult coloring books and colored pencils

Puzzles, figget spinners,
Perfume, word find magazine.

Ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones, air freshener, Lysol wipes, a do not disturb door sign…

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17 year old- rubber gloves, face mask, air freshener, pugs, tongs,

Depends on what they’re into. When my second was born my oldest was 11. I got him a camera & scrapbook supplies so he could make scrapbooks of the 2 of them. When #3 arrived he got earbuds (#2 was a crier) in anticipation of 2 babies crying all the time.

Yeah, I’d say snack foods. Or maybe a gift card for a grocery store so they can pick out stuff for themselves once baby comes. I’d say noise cancelling headphones would be good. But you also want to include some things that they can do WITH baby. You dont want them to see the box as something to keep them busy and out of the way. Maybe an art project to make to decorate baby’s nursery with or a onesie and paint/markers to make. Stuff like that.
My kiddos all came pretty close together, so we never really thought about this. But my niece who is pregnant will be moving in with us soon, so maybe we will do something like this for our kiddos whose lives are going to change again too.

Cute idea for older siblings!!! I may need to do this for my 13&9 year old for when their baby sister comes in March.

What is a baby survival box and why does your entire family need one?

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For the 11 year old a roblox card. The 17 year old a gift card.

Why baby survival for teenagers?

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I have so many questions :smirk:

Ear plugs, new video games, food gift cards, maybe a special outfit for the baby to wear that means something to the teenager, a blanket only the teen will use to snuggle the baby with. I just had lots of microwave food and snacks for mine since I wasn’t going to cook them dinner lol

WTF is a “baby survival box”?

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Maybe a cookery book so they can make you some meals when you have the baby or cleaning rota. Just include them in everything you do, they are old enough to cope. Don’t mollycodde them.