What should I pack in my boyfriends lunch?

My boyfriend just got a good job, and I wanna start making his lunches… I know such a silly question but id like any and all ideas about what you ladies pack.


Do meal prep…and make him what he likes and would eat


Depends. Does he have access to a microwave?


If he has access to a microwave nearly any kind of meal is acceptable. If he doesn’t then usually it’s anything that doesn’t need to be warmed up. So sandwiches, fresh veggies, fruits, chips, snack cakes, etc.


Idk I guess ask him what he would prefer.

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I just pack my man leftovers from dinner because I make dinner every night. I could put a golden turd in his lunchbox and he would be appreciative so I don’t know :joy::joy: ask your man!


I make my husband two sandwiches…they are so tasty and thick. And whatever snack we have such as like an oatmeal cream pie or a brownie or zebra cakes or something like that. When we have chips I put some in a ziploc bag. If he liked fruits or veggies I would def put some baby carrots or apple slices but I know he won’t eat em.

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Beef jerky
Granola bar
Energy drink
Water or Gatorade

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My boyfriend and I always cook extra the night before and take leftovers from dinner but it depends if he has access to a microwave at lunch time. I would also ask if he’d prefer a sit down type lunch or something more on the go like a sandwich or wrap type meal.


When dinner is made, extra is made for his lunch the next day. Along with chips, pop and a sweet snack.


Just tell him to pack his own lunch, good lord


Wraps, sandwiches, sometimes I will bake chicken breast and mix it with rice that will last the entire week for his lunches, for snacks he likes tuna pouches, chips, fruits, protein bars, granola bars,
Sides ill make him mixed veggies, potatoes. Or if we have a bunch of leftovers he will eat them. Drinks…water bottles, Gatorade, energy drink. Look on pinterest for lunch ideas thats where I get ideas for my fiance.


My husband got tired of sandwiches so sometimes he likes the ready to eat salads or I make one myself at home. He also likes when I cut up cheese and salami. I get a variety of granola bars for him too.

Lunchables & fruit snacks. Men love that shit.

Surely he’d tell you what he likes n what he’d want to take no use guessing n he dont like it , I used to give my ex meals to warm up at work when he was on nights , like whatever we had for tea I’d make more so he could take some

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My husband said your bf should be packing his own lunch.


what does he like that you can put in a lunch. What kind of work? Is he working out of a truck or does he have a microwave at work? Does he have refrigeration or will he have a warm icky sandwich if you pack him a lunch? Does he have a lunch box with the capacity for a nice ice pack?

My husband gets:
Two sandwiches
Granola bars
Nature valley bar
Beef jerky
An apple
Gatorade or Dr Pepper


if packed there would be sandwhiches or if asked for something specific couple drinks snacks. but dont because i guess doesnt get o eat lunch half the time his lunch dinner is when gets home.

Box of cut up celery, carrots , cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, gerkins, pickled onions.
Healthy muffin, slice of quiche, Wraps,
Boiled Egg and lettuce sandwich.
Meat and tomato pickle sandwich.
( no not all at once: Normally the salad box and one other item)