What should I pack in my hospital bag?

I am pregnant with my first baby, and I’m about 32 weeks pregnant. I’ve been thinking about beginning to pack my hospital bag for when I give birth. What should I pack in the hospital bag? What all do I need for afterbirth?


Google !!! Ask the hosp!!! I

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Baby outfit, some pjs , a couple blankets…for u, your toiletries, some snacks ,clothes,Charger, chap stick, wipes!

For yourself: clothes to wear home or to lounge in at the hospital i suggest dark pants. Hair ties, chap stick, phone charger. For baby: a few outfits, picture outfit/going home outfit, a blanket or 2 but just a warning they will spit up and pee on them and possibly some wet wipes (the pink ones they provide are annoying to use for the first poop, get unscented though)

Nappies, petroleum jelly, cotton wool pads for baby, muslin cloths, vests and sleep suits for baby, a peri bottle, nightdress, plus, snacks, maternity pads, coming home outfit for yourself and the baby,

Face mask sheets for when you are in labour, they were a god send for me! They make you feel so nice and cool as the room is so hot!

Hair ties, chapstick are a must!

Change for vending machines

Ask the hospital that your delivering at what they provide for you. Our hospital provided all wipes, diapers, single use formula (if needed/ wanted) blankets, aftercare products for mom and toiletries for mom. They also provided a take home bag with all the items for the baby to make sure you were set.

For my 3 kids I packed a couple of velcro swaddles, take home outfit, a couple of loose fitting comfy outfits for myself, my own toiletries, always disposable underwear, snacks, hair ties, hand cream, chapstick.

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Some add ins - gum, chapstick, lotion, and something for your feet to walk around in.

Depends! They are a game changer. I recommend them to every new mama
I know!

My bag didn’t get packed until early labor and my husband picked it, comfy clothes to go home in, clothes for the baby. lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair tie, brush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, chargers for phones, and tablets, and a pillow

Big huge comfortable pants hun lots of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, comfortable clothes to leave hospital in for you nothing tight as you will spend the 1st whole car ride home leaning over to check baba, couple of pairs pj’s/night gowns, 2 outfits for baby + vests + socks, baby hats, bottle strealised just incase you have problems breastfeeding & ready made formula, blanket, muslin square, wipes, nappies, teeny nail scissors (my boy came out like Edward flipping scissor hands) maybe a small sudacream for babas bottom. At the moment the hospital want you both happy healthy and home hun where your safer so you probably wont need all that, I didnt use 1/2 of what I took, I was out within 10 hours of giving birth xxx

Loose pajamas, CHARGER (lol) , an couple of outfits for the baby. Chapstick, some snacks you like, book or puzzle book if you like those things, hair care items, (brush, hair ties, etc). Loose clothing to wear home.

****Vaseline tubes. No one told me until my 3rd that if you squirt a bit into the babies first diapers (clean ones during changings), it’s so much easier to get the first poops, (meconium) off the baby’s behind. ***

Good luck, mama!!


Your own dang shampoo and conditioner!

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Consider taking a Pillow. My pillow was a huge comfort for me

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Belly Bandit!!! Amazing for post baby belly.

Lots of food!
Baby grows
Coming home outfit
Pyjamas for yourself
Shower gel
Big sanitary pads
Big underwear
Comfy bras/nursing
Scratch mits/hats/socks
Entertainment for yourself a book/magazine/phone/music/puzzles etc

I didn’t have a hospital bag bc my son was preemie and I ended up having an emergency c-section. I can tell you I definitely recommend getting it ready now.

Honestly call the hospital you plan on giving birth at ask what they provide first.
I packed a small toiletries bag( chapstick, hair ties, body wash, loofa,shampoo or dry shampoo, conditioner, face wash and lotion , hand lotion and deodorant). I also packed a robe and birthing gown( depends on hospital). A comfortable set of clothes to wear and go home in. I took nursing tanks and warm cardigan.
With leggings/ sweat pants.
Baby bag: Two outfits one new born size and one 0-3 months. (I picked ones with attached feet and hand mitts so I didn’t have to worry about packing those.).Sleep sack or swaddle. Hats. I also took a cloth bag for dirty clothes.
Breast pads if you plan on nursing. I honestly don’t know if my hospital provided them or not.
My phone charger with long cord.