What should I pack in my husbands lunch?

My husband wants me to buy and prepare a lunch for him each day and put it in a lunch box for him. This might sound silly but…I have no idea what to buy and fix for him! What kinds of things would you guys suggest? He’s massive, he’s almost 7 feet and 280 lbs and a bag of chips and a sandwich jusy won’t work lol


I pack leftovers from supper for mine

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Whatever you cook for dinner. The leftovers.


Samantha Thompson any advice :joy::joy: (wtf!?)


Make lasagna one night and send the left overs with him for lunch. Or two sandwiches?

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Ask HIM. He’s the one that wants it done and has to eat it.


Prepackaged salads then a sandwich and chips.

Pretzels, yogurt, pb crackers, leftovers, fruit, cookies…same things I would pack for myself or my daughter lol just depends on what he likes, but most of that comes already prepackaged so less work :grin:

Tell him to make it himself


Two or three sandwiches and chips…or leftovers from the night before.

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Meal prep! Make pastas, lasagna, stuff like that. Or leftovers from the night before.

Why dont you meal prep? I meal prep my meals for the week chicken and rice is filling!

Ask him what he wants?

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Chili or other soups he likes

The bigger question is if he has a way to heat the food or not as that will dictate food choices.
Totally for left overs and adding to it to make it a diff meal than the night before!!


Leftovers. Sandwiches

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my husband works outside so a lot of the time he doesn’t like taking leftovers because they’ll go bad or be really cold and he can’t warm them up so he personally loves salad so I’ll pack him that a few days a week with some ice packs, usually an extra sandwich, bananas, chips. and usually sometime throughout the week I will homemake a soup for him to take in his thermos or sometimes I’ll just heat a canned soup and put it in there.

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I always do like left over dinner, some snacks he likes, something to drink

Or tell him hes a grown man and can do it himself? :woman_shrugging:


I pack my hubby leftovers or 2 sandwiches, chips, drink and a few snack items (yogurt, pudding, string cheese etc)