What should my fiances kids call me?

My fiance and I have six children between us (4 from me and two from him. None together). My kids call him DD instead of dad. My question is, what could his kids call me? I don’t want them to call me by my first name because I have a soon to be two years, and I don’t want to confuse him and have him end up calling me by my first name because they do. I respect their mother and do not wish to have them call me anything close to mom. Just something other than my first name. Any suggestions?


GiGi. But may sound like a grandma name.
Maybe have kids think of a name.

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My step daughter calls me by my name. I have a one year old. We’ve already begun the ‘difference’ talk. She also has a step dad and step brother.

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Your regular name and explain the difference to your child


Mine calls me Tiffy and gets mad when other kids call me that :joy:


I let my bonus daughters decide. They called me by name till they decided they wanted to call me mom.


My fiancé’s daughter calls me Ashley. I’ve known her over 7 years. I’m totally fine with it. It’s her choice. Oh. We also have 3 children together and they have NEVER been confused about what to call me. Ever.


my steps call me by my name. but I call them bonuses.

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Jessica, thats what my step kids call me, and my name is Monica. Leanah


Whatever is natural for them


My oldest calls my husband Jordan and dad. It hasn’t confused our 20 month old. Just let them decide what they wanna call you! She started calling him dad once she was ready but still calls him Jordan on occasions

Kids dont get confused by other people calling you by your name. Literally nobody else they ever know calls you Mom…they understand.


I seriously doubt them calling you by your first name will confuse your little one. He already knows your his mom. Other adults will call you by your first name and that won’t confuse him so why would it confuse him if other children do?


Your kid would probably be fine, and it’s good for them to know your real name in case of emergencies!!!

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Whatever they are comfortable with, all my kids called me by my first name at some point and I dont have step kids. I taught them too in case they ever get lost or happens they wont tell people my name is mom or mommy they actually atleast know my first name.

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Children learn quickly what to call the different people in their life. They should call you by your name unless you have earned a pet/living name.

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I grew up with my dad and step mom and always called her mom or mommy because she raised me since I was 5 years old and she was always more of a mother to me then my biological mom. Its whatever the kids decide to call you unless you wanna talk with your husband and the kids mom see what they say

My name is Tara, and my bfs daughter has always called me Tata.

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What about Mimi?! Mimi and DD! :joy:


Kids really know and see more than what we give them credit for. My bonus daughters call me mom by their own choice of course but his ex wife refers to me a momma missy especially to their younger sister she has. Maybe something of the sort. I know you said you were uncomfortable with any form of the name mom but do consider how much of an influence you are to them.