What should we pack in our hospital bag?

My fiancé and I have started to talk about what to pack for our daughter’s hospital bag. We’re at kind of a standstill because we aren’t sure what to pack, as she has medical issues, and we aren’t sure if she will live or for how long. We don’t want to be over-prepared but also don’t want to be underprepared. Any advice would be good


I had two outfits and a swaddle. The hospital gives you everything else.

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The hospital gives almost all your essentials for the baby at the hospital. All you would really need is your stuff a outfit and car seat for your baby to go home in.

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Tiny diapers, a cotton baby gown, and a couple of receiving blankets. She should get a cap in the hospital.

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Prepare for her arrival with anticipation of a miracle … God bless you and your new daughter on the way… it’s all simple stuff … her receiving blanket, go home outfit and car seat… Hospital has everything else … of planning on formula I would say bring a bottle so that she learns to drink from the nipples you will be providing … I’ll be praying for your family and hope to hear good news


I forgot to pack for me, as everyone remembers baby. So I say essentials (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, underwear, ect.) .
Best of luck. :yellow_heart:

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My daughter had to come early i was 35 weeks. I had to buy preemie diapers (most of the time if you ask the hospital will give you some, mine didnt) 2-3 outfits for baby, swaddle if you have some, if you want a paci, comfortable clothes for you to go home in and to chang into. Pillows. Snacks phone charger. Hygiene products. I was in the hospital for a week if that helps any as well. My hospital gave me most things I needed or asked for.

The hospital will provide essentials for your daughter. Pack what will make you and your husband comfortable. Toothbrush, change of clothes, shampoo, deodorant…good luck momma, prayers for you and baby :heart:

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Better to have it and don’t need it than to need it and don’t have it.


Onesies and a special blanket

I packed everything. :upside_down_face:
I packed her pink paci from home (the hospital provides a green plain one), I packed her blanket with her name on it, her own hat, several outfits like 5 (I brought newborn & 0-3), I brought shampoo & wash, toothbrush & toothpaste, my brush, 2 comfy outfits, my charger & an extension cord so I could charge it from my hospital bed, snacks.

Extension cord for your phone charger

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Blanket/swaddles couple of outfits a hat if you want something pretty or that matches an outfit and stuff to make YOU feel comfortable. I brought my own pillows with me with both of my deliveries!

Sweats and t-shirts. Baby’s outfits for home. That’s really it

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I’ll be praying for your family

My youngest came at 30 weeks and they provided most of his things as he lived there for two months! But pack some of your own also bc you never know! I was on hospital bed rest for 6 weeks prior so I was very unsure of what to bring also!! :heart: much love to you and yours

Praying for a good and long life for your baby. 3 oniesies, 3 baby hats, pacifiers, bottle, 3 receivers, small bottle glycerine, 2 blankets, 3 vests, 3 pairs baby socks, 6 face towels for feeding, few packets for dirty laundry to take home, 1 baby towel. The rest should be provided by the hospital.

Praying you have a healthy baby girl :100::heart:
I packed 3 changes of clothes in both prem and newborn sizes for my son with matching socks, mittens and hats :sweat_smile: 3 wraps, 2 blankets, bathing products, a pack of wipes and nappies, 3 bibs, nappy rash cream (just incase) a warm onesie. The aim is to prep for atleast 3 days on normal terms but in your case there’s no harm in over preparing to stay longer with clothes for her. I wouldn’t worry too much about the medical side because the doctors and nurses will guide you more with that.

Dont forget ur phone charger

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Food/snacks. I’m sending lots of love to you. :heart: