What size diapers did you stock up on?

What size diapers did you stock up on before baby was born? I am struggling with what I should buy. If i buy the wrong size, am I able to return them to the store?


Look at store return policies due to covid. Buy a small sleeve of newborns, size 1s and 2s. Purchase giftcards instead of stock piling.

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I stocked up on 1s. Few boxes of newborn

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I bought 1 newborn bag of diapers. The rest were 1s and she was in them quick!

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I would say one package of newborns, couple size ones, and lots of 2s-3s. Don’t open them and usually stores will exchange sizes. My son was 10 lbs when he was born and completely skipped everything newborn

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I bought some newborns and then my son was born too big for newborns so it was a waste of money. I would start with a small thing of newborns and then stock up on the next few sizes.

I bought 1 box newborn, 2 boxes infant and 1 box size 3. Also 4 boxes of wipes

Newborn and size ones. When she was born she actually was needing preemie so we went and got preemie as well

We bought a couple nb ended up having to get preme. Hospital will provide you with a lot too.

I stocked up on size 3 and up. I found my daughter to be in size 3s for a long time


Definitely not newborn. They don’t use them long at all.

I would get 1 pack of newborns and then several of 1 and 2s

I only bought one small package of newborn and a couple packages of 1s. I agree to buy gift cards or start a diaper fund on Amazon rather than stockpiling. That way, you can get what you need when you need and it doesn’t take up excess space in your house

Don’t stock up, it can be a waste of money

When I was pregnant I had 2 boxes of new born, 4 boxes of size 1, and 3 boxes of size 2. We also started buying every pay day small things here and there until we had everything

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I barely used any newborns and all. My son went into 1s almost immediately and was in them for a short time. Then was in 2s for a short time. He’s spent the most time in 3s, but he was also a big baby so he out grew smaller sized much quicker.

We only bought 1 package of size 1’s but ended up needing to buy newborn. I would recommend stocking up bc you never know what kind of reaction they could have to a diaper brand that’s personally why I chose not too.

Size 1 and 2, we never used newborn, the hospital started us on size 1

We had gotten diapers of all sizes for my son but newborn from our showers . We were also told our son was gonna be a big baby, but when he came out the average 7.7 we didn’t have any newborns, but we tried each brand of diaper for 1 week each to make sure our son wasn’t allergic

Every paycheck or Target run I would buy a box of wipes and diapers. Before each of my 3 kids I would have a closet stocked and ready to go. Small package of newborn, lots of size 1, a few boxes of size 2. It was really nice to not have to buy them for the first few months of having baby.