What size diapers should I stock up on?

I am 28-weeks-pregnant and have always measured ahead, I want to start stocking up on diapers but don’t know if I should buy newborn or not since I am measuring so big. What did you do?


I’ve used size 5 the longest (he’s 2.5) but you move through the sizes quickly. Definitely get 1-2box of newborn. My son was 9lbs and they fit him just fine and they poop A LOT. So you’ll go through them

3 i feel like theyre in those the longest


Bought 1’s and waited til baby was born to see if we needed newborn. They provide a lot if newborn diapers at the hospital and you can take all the diapers that are in the room home with you

Get at least one box newborn, 2 boxes size 1 to start.

My mom got me three boxes of size newborn and 3 packs of size one. My baby is 3 weeks and we are on last pack of newborns. They are just now getting to be a little snug. My baby was 8lbs 5oz when born. Don’t forget wipes too. :wink:

Stock up on larger sizes…2 and up…newborn diapers and size 1, buy as you need because all babies grow different

I bought one small case of newborn diapers, we used them all by the time they were gone he was in size 1. They really dont stay in newborn diapers long. Buy size 1s 2s and 3s, and some new borns just incase

Size one and up definitely!

Id get 1s. My son weighed almost 9lbs and was in 1s for 3 months.

Newborn only fits for about a week. I would get 2 and 3 mainly. My son was in size 1 for about 2 months.

Neither of my babies ever wore newborn diapers. I just bought a couple different brands size 1s and went from there. Don’t stock up because you don’t know which kind will work for your baby.

I had my baby exactly 2 weeks ago. I’ve gone through 2 boxes of newborn diapers already and all the samples we had.

I would also say have more of size 2 rather than newborns or size 1 as within 1 week or 2 they quickly move onto size 2

My kids stayed in size 3-4 for the longest. What I would do tho instead of stocking up, put that money on gift cards to be used for diapers. You never know if your baby will be allergic to the brand you prefer.

My last baby didn’t even fit newborn. Size 1 and 2. If they’re small you can always get more newborn. They always gave me some at the hospital, let us take home what was in our room, last time I didnt buy any newborn diapers at all, she was 8 lbs, by the time we used what the hospital gave us she was in size 1.

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My son was in size 3s for a year. I’d just get a pack of nb. My baby was 7lbs at birth and she only lasted in nb for a week or 2.

1s and 2s my babies were both almost 9lbs so they didn’t even wear “newborn” size they were too small.

Always stock up in BULK on sizes 2,3,6

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My son was 6 lbs 8.5 oz and still outgrew NB diapers fast. Buy one package of NB, and focus on getting the bigger sizes. Size 1 starts at 8 lbs, so you’ll get there fast regardless of birthweight.