What time do your children go to bed?

What time does your kid go to bed? Do you allow them to take naps when they get home? My son’s school doesn’t have them take naps…he’s so sleepy when he gets home. He goes to bed at 8:30/9 pm and up at 7 am


My daughter doesnt take anap when she gets home she goes to sleep anywhere from7 to 9pm and up everyday at 6am with her mayb waking up once through the night

My 3 year old is in bed around 9:30 and up between 6:30/7:30. She naps at day care but not really at home- it’s hit or miss

My 1.5yo goes to bed at 8pm with 1 nap. My almost 5yo goes to bed at 9pm and no nap.

My 3 year old goes bed at 2100 no naps and wakes @ 08am 9 ish

My 10, 6 and 1 year old go to bed between 8-830 but I also have to be at work at 6 am.

My 8 year old goes to bed at 8, but he reads in bed and then goes to sleep around 9. He wakes up at 7:30. No naps.

My 5 month old goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7 with one bottle around 4. 3 naps during the day

2year old takes a 2hr nap and is in bed by 8/8:30, up at 8am…
My 5 year old doesnt nap, goes to bed 9/9:30 and up at 9🙌

My 6 month old goes to bed at 10 and up by 5/6 then naps at 8 beck up at 9 then takes a nap at 12 and then back up around 1:30/2 then doesn’t nap afterwards and then goes to bed at 10

My 2 yr old goes to bed between 730/8. Taking 1 nap most days. Is up around 7/8

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5/8 yr old bed at 8 up at 7 no naps

It depends on them. My oldest is fine going to bed at 9:30-10, and getting up at 6, my youngest (2 years younger than oldest) goes to bed between 7:30-8, and gets up at 6. One requires more sleep than the other.

10 year old in bed by 9 and 15 and 17 year olds are in bed by 11:30. All are up at 8 to start remote learning at 8:30.

Almost 4 year old son is in bed around 7to9

Kids are 2, 11, 13, and 14. All settledown at 8 as that is quiet time. After the youngest crashes, I play games with the older ones and they to bed at 930 due to an early morning. If they have to get up when I go to work, they get up at 5 if they dont have to get up with me they are up by 7. It also strongly depends on behavior for all. If you’re going to be a butt, you’re going to bed early with the little one. But that’s just me :woman_shrugging:

So whats the issue exactly? Sounds like a perfect schedule to me

Needs more info… what age. Requires different amount of sleep

My 4 year old usually goes to bed 8:30pm-9ish & wakes up 8-8:30am but she starts school on Monday so I’ve started getting her to sleep by 7:30-8pm & be up for 7-7:30am as she has to be at school for 8:30-8:45am. She does not nap & hasn’t for like a year but I feel like she’ll probably nap when she gets home from school in the beginning

My 3 year old son is in bed between 9 and 10 and typically asleep by 10:30 latest, may take a nap around noonish IF were in the car but if not he wont nap I try to get him to some days he just refuses, and is up by no later than 8 monrings.

Each kid is different. My 14 is super cranky if he gets less then 10 hours and my 16 year old can make it on 6 hours.