What to do for tooth pain during pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant. Since I found out I was pregnant like four weeks ago, I have been having horrific tooth pain. I cry myself to bed or wake up crying because it hurts so bad. But during the day it’s fine! But I am so exhausted. The dentist wants to pull it, but me being nine weeks, I’m scared & anxious. I want to wait, but I also don’t know if I can wait that long. I have an appointment with my Ob tomorrow. I’m obviously going to ask her but if anyone has any advice. I really want it out, I need it out, I want to enjoy my pregnancy, but I can’t with all this pain. Can you please give me advice on what to do? It hurts so bad… note - Tylenol doesn’t help & the round of antibiotics didn’t do much for me either.


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Just get it pulled or it will get worse and worse especially sense your pregnant then it,could,lead to a septic,infection and cayse even,more problems.


I would trust the dentist… if it needs to be pulled get it pulled.

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I had two wisdom teeth pulled with my 2nd it ll be fine

You are allowed to have your tooth extracted during pregnancy. Ask for anesthetic without epinephrine. You don’t want the tooth to abscess and introduce infection into your blood stream.


So when I was pregnant w my son I had the same type of issue it was AWFUL. I went to the dentist early on like 8-9 weeks and they said they’d extract the two back teeth I needed pulled in the third trimester so I literally just used like ambisol type numbing stuff nonstop and tried to forget about it I really hope they can get you in sooner girl :crossed_fingers:t2:

Dental work is fine when pregnant


I was 10 weeks pregnant when I had to get my tooth pulled , I didn’t know when you’re pregnant the hormones can cause tooth aches and what not . I was in so much pain :sob: I recommend getting it pulled .

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Do it early if your going to do it. They waited to pull mine until I was close to 30 weeks and it induced my labor at 34 weeks. Had her before her respiratory system wasnt fully developed. Not save later in pregnancy

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Get it pulled! If it gets infected it could easily enter your blood stream and cause worse problems…


If their saying they can pull it safely I’d let them. I ended up with a bad tooth at 32 weeks and it was hell. I couldn’t use anything due to being so close to the end they gave me an antibiotic and I used heat on my face to help dull it until after I had the baby

My dentist prescribed me a mouthwash that would numb my gums to get me through until I could get my wisdom teeth out

Get it pulled just don’t any pain meds that they give.

I’ve had 2 fillings and a root canal beginning at 10 weeks. Im 33 weeks today.

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I went through the same thing and let it go until my 2nd trimester. The dentist told me that it’s safer to have dental work done in your first trimester than any other time in a pregnancy. I had to take a 10 day round of antibiotics (approved by my OB) and then had a root canal, which was almost painless.

I had my tooth pulled while I was 7 months pregnant

You can still see a dentist while pregnant.

U can get dental work done while pregnant and it’s better in the beginning stop waisting time and prevent something more serious from happening like ur lives.

Your gums also swell it’s called pregnancy gingivitis and it makes your teeth hurt also . It went away for me in my third trimester thank god . It felt worse than having braces . Get a non alcohol mouthwash for your gum health and carry those dental flossers around . Any tiny piece of food that gets between your teeth will cause then to flare up . Tylenol does nothing . I constantly used max strength oragel on my teeth