What to expect when you stop breastfeeding

I’m beginning my weaning process and want to know what other mothers experience. How long does it take to dry up? Is leakage bad? Is it painful? Should i go cold turkey or more slowly?


Cabbage leaves will help to dry up the supply

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I went slowly and only nursed at night, but my milk was odd I think and took 4 years to dry up fully

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I weaned over a course of a month… we were doing 4 feedings a day, so I cut out a feeding each week and the last week I was only nursing at night… nursed for the last time on their 1st birthday. For both of my youngest. We didn’t use bottles so we went straight to the sippy cup.

I cold turkey stopped when my son was 1 year and 7 months and it only took 2 or 3 days for him to stop wanting it and by a week it was so much better. He was finally able to self sooth himself to sleep. It hurt for about a week. My boobs were swollen and sore. I let them dry up and I would release a very little bit of pressure to help the pain eventually around the 4th day but boobs hurt so bad and were so swollen I stood over the sink with hot water and a rag massaging all the milk and pressure. After that they dried up fast and didn’t swell again.

You absolutely want to do it gradually. I would probably cut out 1 feeding every few days, giving your body time to adjust before cutting out the next one. If you allow yourself to become engorged you run the risk of it turning into mastitis. There’s no reason to put yourself in pain and potentially get a bad infection.

I went cold turkey at 11 months, swapped him to 3.25% milk, with the ok of my doctor of course. Took a few weeks for things to even out I’d leak at night at times, not often during the day, I just either stood in the shower and hand expressed for some relief or I used frozen cabbage leaves to help ease the discomfort

I weaned my first by dropping down to night feeds only, and then dropped a feed every couple weeks. Took a bit but it gave my body time to adjust so I was never swollen or risked mastitis or anything. My second is 11 mos and on night feeds now. I gave both formula during the day which made it easier to transition to milk after a year.

Go slowly. How old is the baby? I did a course to train to be a breastfeeding support worker a few years ago. The advice was to always say yes to the baby but try to add in delays such as yes when we finish such and such, yes but first we can have some juice etc etc.
If the baby is too little to ask then just start cutting out feeds one by one

I started offering bottles and then slowly worked up more bottles vs breastfeeding, I had some “tightness” and minor leakage but absolutely not as bad as I was worried about

Mine wasn’t. We started eliminating nap feedings, 2 weeks later we stopped morning feeds and a month later we stopped night feeds. Wasn’t painful and I never leaked or swelled up again

It’s recommend to take one feeding out a week. Ive been told it hurts a lot. I’m slowly getting there myself

It normally doesn’t take very long at all as you.start weaning don’t pump any extra or anything that will keep your body from producing less milk. Your body will make less as you are feeding less. Then when you stop it only takes a few days normally to stop producing.

We used the weaning dates from the farmers almanac to officially wean. Before that we gradually nursed less and less and she never noticed, same with pacifier!

Isn’t there medication for that I remember yrs ago I couldn’t nurse they gave a pill to dry it up

Gradual weaning is best - less chance of plugged ducts, mastitis, and engorgement. Cut out one feed during the day and give it a few days to a week before cutting out the next feed. Pump or Express milk ONLY if you’re so full and uncomfortable, otherwise let your body adjust

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I honestly wouldn’t do it cold turkey unless you want severe leaking and mastitis… after i completely stopped it took about 2 or 3 weeks to stop leaking xompletely

Slow!! Start by only nursing at night time, then wean from there or else it’ll totally hurt and most likely cause mastitis!

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It’s painful and you will leak bad probably a good week or more depending how long you’ve been breastfeeding and how much u make

When parent led, weaning should be a gradual process. One session per week.
Cold cabbage doesn’t dry up milk, it helps with pain. If mom is engorged and in pain then she is weaning too fast.
It can take years to fully dry up.
As far as what to expect I can’t offer any advice. We do self weaning so I’ve been nursing for almost 5 years.