What TV shows are good for a 3 year old?

We are a pbs family so barney telletubbies bear in big blue house and original blues clues with Steve. Sesame Street etc

If he likes monster trucks, Blaze and the Monster Machines is perfect for him. Also great shows are PAW Patrol, Handy Manny, Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Team Umizoomi, Top Wing. Nick Jr. has a TON of great shows that are educationally based.

Boys are rough… all kids benefit from you showing them what happens when they are too rough. …throwing toys is normal

My husband types in car crash for my 2 year old and they watch monster trucks and semis that crash, looks like a video game not real cars. Even watching that he isn’t throwing or crashing stuff in the house now that he is getting bigger we just tell him no inside. Give him a place to play rough safely.

My 3 year old loves Daniel Tiger, Clifford, Dora, and has recently discussed Super Why!.

-Sesame street (pbs)
-Blaze (nick jr)
-Dino-trucks (Netflix)
-Green eggs and ham (netflix)
-super why (pbs)
-cat in the hat (netflix? Hulu?)
-blues clues (nick jr)
-mickey mouse clubhouse (disney)
-doc mcstuffins (disney)
-paw patrol (nick jr)
-bubble guppies (nick jr)

Omg I am shocked at the paw patrol recommendations :sweat_smile: my son is reckless if he watches that!!!

We limit screen time and watch:
Little bear
Goldie and bear
Handy manny
Puppy dog pals

My son loves to watch cocomelon and it teaches them colors and nursery rhymes and such !!

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If he continues to throw toys, take them away for a day. Return gradually as he learns to be less aggressive with them. Repeat as needed.


Paw patrol tots blaze toy story

TOTS is good too. The way they take care of the babies shows compassion.

Blippi on YouTube is a great way of learning even about trucks, animals and counting. My daughter is 3 and was able to identify an excavator at a construction site. I found that pretty impressive


Look up Hartman. He dies all kids shows. Something like sesame street. Its great
I think Jim hartman?

My grandson loves monster trucks and watches all those shows but he loves watching kids sing a longs, and learning shows (he’s 3). As far as throwing, throwing is for balls and outside. Period.

Trash truck on Netflix is good

Bluey and Storybots are my kids’ favorites.

Sesame Street, Dino. Train, Mickey And Minnie, Daniel tiger. Don’t allow throwing toys, could cost You some$ if he hurts someone.

Throwing toys is totally developmentally appropriate for his age. If you cannot stop him from throwing, give him something that he can throw, and a space to throw it in. Pillows, nerf balls, stuffed animals. Sometimes they just need that outlet, and at that age, they really don’t have much impulse control. They just don’t have the capacity to stop themselves, sometimes, even if they know they shouldn’t do something. They literally cannot help it. It’s best to work with it as much as possible, and he’ll eventually be able to find his own, more appropriate outlets. Also, Daniel Tiger, CoCo Melon, and Little Baby Bum are some of my 3 y/o son’s favorites! There are also YouTube dance videos for kids by a group called KooKooKangaroo. They’re pretty age appropriate for the most part, and a lot of fun!

My 3 year old watchs Puppy Dog pals… Daniel Tiger neighborhood… and Paw Patrol. He digs them. We sing to them every dang time :smile:

You have to show young toddlers/preschool age how to correctly play and take care of their things. Play with him, help him build tracks, ramps etc. for his trucks. Boys and young children in general are rougher on toys as they are exploring and learning how they work.