What TV shows are good for a 3 year old?

Octonauts, Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Blaze, Sid the Science Kid, Daniel Tiger, Bluey, Puppy Dog Pals, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Ryan’s World, Word World, Doc McStuffins (if he loves animals, toys & Doctors), Sesame Street

Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, Paw Patrol

Paw patrol my little boy loved it.

Blaze and the monster machines he would like it edycational

Walt Disney has some for boys

Netflix has a series called trashtruck based on children’s books.

Take him outside, play tag, have a snowball fight, build a snowman ( if you have snow). I don’t like having TV just because it’s there. Lots of stuff to do inside too. Art projects, practice writing name, using scissors… I could go on. Sorry lol. Good luck!

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Blaze, Team Umizoomi, and just continue to tell him how important it is to take care of his things, if all else fails, take away the toy

my son did the same thing at his age. Boys seem to have more aggression lol. I have 8 brothers. I bought the Berenstain Bear books and they seemed to help a lot. Have you tried play doh? He can build and smash… Be patient…

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An activity that would have him sit calmly may help too. When he starts throwing things, insist on putting everything away and bring out some books to read or a creative activity like colouring or painting. As for shows, I like the Wiggles because you and your child can get physically involved in the songs and get out some energy too. Sometimes just telling them to jump up and down and act silly gets the excess energy out (of course make sure no toys are involved lol)

He’s a three year old boy :joy::woman_shrugging:t3: just keep teaching not to throw things and maybe eventually it will kick in. Lol. Our three year old son LOVES monster trucks, I’m doubting he learned anything from Monster Trucks about being rough and it’s just his nature.

But, Blaze, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, Mickey, PJ Masks, Gigantasorous, Blippi, Puppy Dog Pals, etc…

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Blaze is a good show it had monster trucks. Blues clues is also good. Mackey’s Roadsters Racers are cool. Most shows and movies are Horrible. My oldest picked up some Horrible things. Disney movies shocked me when I actually listened to them. Blippi is cool.

My daughter is obsessed with Dino Dana on Amazon Prime, and her favorite is Scooby Doo on Netflix.

Monster trucks, mickey and the roadster racers, paw patrol, pj masks, daniel tiger, clifford, dinosaur train, just about every disney movie. My 3yr old loves all that and more and he gets rough every now and again. It’s definitely an age/boy thing but when he gets too rough we just redirect him

Brain candy and Blippi, both on YouTube.

Trash truck on Netflix is a new fave! Also paw patrol, pj masks, bluey, puppy dog pals, blaze, blippi.
And also agree with incorporating other activities as well - music, play doh, kinetic sand, trampoline, stepping stones, knee hockey

Redirect his throwing with balls and a target. But boys are rough naturally.

Hello ninja on Netflix!

Absolutely thats normal my son adores trucks dumps trucks monster trucks you name it but coco melon is great and educational and don’t teach bad behavior. Also whatever you do dont let him watch mascha bear its terrible. But also Blippi is amazing and very educational too

Paw patrol, blippi, and Daniel tiger’s neighborhood are my 3yo sons favorite. He is super rough and destructive as well, and Daniel tiger seems to help him with some of the scenarios depicted