What TV shows are good for a 3 year old?

Daniel Tiger is fantastic, Truck Town is really good too.

Paw patrol, wallykazam, blippi, blaze

Thomas the tank engine.

Getting outside and running, jumping, playing with toys that are supposed to be thrown or hit (balls, xylophone, toy hammer and peg board etc) trampoline, swings, go to a bounce house place, actually play with him, run races, obstacle course etc. Propping him in front of a TV isn’t going to help him in any way. The less TV the better, tire the mind and body instead of turn into a screen addicted potato.

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SuperTruck on Amazon. Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nick Jr. we also love Blippi on YouTube or Amazon. He does lots of episodes about trucks of all kinds!

Paw Patrol
Sesame Street
Puppy Dog Pals
Anything Mickey Mouse

Get Disney+ totally worth it. Miles of Tomorrowland is one of our faves right now.

Bugs bunny Road Runner hr. just make sure he doesnt order anything from ACME

He’s a boy. They are always rough. I have a 2 year old son who loves to play rough. Just have to stick to it but telling him to be easy with toys. I got my son a little punching bag so he has something to beat up.

I have seen little boys who treasured everything and were gentle as all get out, and I’ve seen little boys who are a walking hurricane. Kids are kids. Find a way for your little hurricane to get that energy out, like running laps around the house lol, or just get cheap toys it is okay if they end up broke. Cartoons, eh, blaze, paw patrol, my little doesn’t watch much tv and my oldest didnt really watch tv until he was 5, hes 16 now.

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Try Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nickelodeon. It’s a bunch of monster trucks but educational. My 2.5 year old loves it.

Personify them. It sounds nuts, but it helps teach compassion and in my experience makes them less rough in general. Hope it helps

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Kids aren’t humans, they’re animals. Our job as parents is to teach them morals and with that is respect. In this case respect is taught. He needs to learn to respect property and rules. Instead of teaching him that throwing is bad, reward him for not throwing and not being rough. His behavior has nothing to do with his gender.

My 3.5 yr old loves blaze and the monster machines, paw patrol, team umi zoomi, wolfoo(on you tube).

Super monsters on Netflix. Great teaching on right and wrong. Also sooo cute

Then it’s called sit in a corner and tell him it’s not ok to throw toys I started at that small age telling my kids no do they dint mess up walls