What was it like flying with an infant?

Has anybody flown on a plane with an infant.? what was your experience, and how did the baby react.? I’m flying Friday with my two-month-old to see my brother(important reasons), so I’m just trying to see how it’s gonna go


How old is your baby and how long of flight? It’s important to have them sucking on something during takeoff and landing for their ears to pop. Also my pediatrician suggested dimetapp helps with a congestion and relaxes them. Worked for all 4 of my children

I did! I flew American Airlines. My son was only about 2.5 months old. I also had my 4 year old with me. Me and those two. The kids were wonderful. The employees on the plane were horrible. I was told I would have to put his bottle away durning takeoff. They refused to help me put my bags away in the overhead compartment, and seated me at the emergency exit and got angry when I told them I had my hands full and would not be helping anyone off the plane in case of an emergency. But again both kids were wonderful!

I flew with a 11 month old, smooth ride. Ears will pop when you land. Other then that baby might sleep threw it.


I flew with my boy every fortnight for his first year from been 5 week old. I found it easy enough. getting through security was the hardest part as in holding baby and unpacking and repackaging all your baggage. But I would advise just take your time and allow plenty of it.

It’s easy as long as u have a boob, bottle, or pacifier available the whole time. It helps w the pain experienced when rise and decent in altitudes causes.

Just feed on the way up and on the way down … I’ve flown with both daughters when 6 and 8 weeks old (also 6 months and 1 year) keep them swallowing to help their ears … travel light for carry on with only essentials and put all liquids in to a separate af for easy access, you can usually take pushchair right up to the gate x good luck x

I flew with my 8 month old at the time, and she was really good actually. She slept through most of it.

I flew with my (then) 4 month old, 7.5 hrs, he was an angel. I was 22 and didn’t have a clue about anything- only had his baby needs on board (bottle, formula, soother, diapers and wipes with a couple of changes of clothes). But another baby on board cried the whole flight.
There is no predicting how a baby will react/ behave on flights. Be prepared for as much as you can be. Something for them to suck on during take off and landing, anti-nausea otc meds help with air sickness and to have them rest; and it is best to give it as a preventative measure, not wait until they show signs of air sickness.
And I’d be more concerned and mentally prepared for angry adults

Its not bad, actually when they are little its easier. Its important that you nurse/give a bottle to the baby for take off and landing, also put pjs it will be easier to change diapers. Also bring extra diapers extra pjs or outfits. It will be better if you wear the baby so he will be calm feeling you close.
If you are nursing also wear those milk saver cups under your bra and bring a haakaa you will be engorged.
All your nursing stuff and breastmilk bag doesn’t count as your carry on bag. If you have any other questions just let me know

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My 4 year old has flown more than i have since he’s been 6 months old. He loves the plane!

It is easy. Plan accordingly. A bottle or pacifier for take off and landing. Check the bags you don’t need and you can take stroller to plane door and gate check it.

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Snacks like crazy, and closed bottles of juice to fill up the real bottle. And she was good.

I flew with my daughter when she was around 6 months old. She just slept the whole plane ride

Super easy. Check car seat and use stroller and check that each gate. Bring pacifiers and keep for take off and landings. I brought the boppy to make it easier for sitting there. Premade bottles. And flight attendants are amazing so don’t be afraid to ask help. My daughters ended up in the cockpit once while I was using the bathroom lol. Wouldn’t let me take a picture but it was adorable seeing this little two month old “flying” a plane lol

Easy! I flew with my than 5 month old & he slept the entire way. Both ways.

I flew with my my two boys alone when they were 3 months old and 3 years old. My 3 month old slept the majority of the plane ride and only woke up to eat which was perfect since I was breastfeeding. I flew from STL to Virginia so total like a 4 to 5 hour plane ride with a lay over in Chicago. It only sucked coming back because our flight was canceled then that was a nightmare sitting in an airport for 6 hours with two small children.

I flew with my 1 month old, she did great. But make sure you have a bottle or pacifier. If not those breastfeed to help with the ear stuff

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Make sure as you’re going up and down baby is suckling. Whether it’s your boob or a bottle. It’ll help with the pressure in the ears.

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Someone tried to steal my cousin at an airport. She kept offering to hold him while we got bags and stuff.
But anyway it’s not horrible if they don’t might the horrible thing done to their ears. Airplanes are already miserable. Knowing someone is verbally miserable sucks too.