What was it like having a scheduled c-section during Covid?

Has anyone had a scheduled c section during covid? I had a cessation with my son and this time around; my doctor wants to do a scheduled C-section just to safe. How long were you in the hospital after your scheduled C-section while Covid is going on???


Mine was not scheduled, but 32 hours.

I had a scheduled one back in July and I was there 2 days.

I had one in December and was in for two days we had to keep our door closed and I had to have a retest right before because my previous results hadn’t come in but it was nice for us because we weren’t disturbed as much and got to have our time even more with our little one

Mine was scheduled. Was the same as my previous one. Only difference was no visitors. Surgery was in the a.m and I went home the next afternoon.

5 days and was not scheduled.

Blimey…not in covid/lockdown but I was in overnight and kicked out the next day x

I had a scheduled one last April so when Covid was just messing stuff up. I was in the hospital for 2 days. I couldn’t leave the room, my husband could leave and get stuff if we needed it, obviously no visitors.
Definitely call where your csection is scheduled for and ask how they are doing stuff because each hospital is different.

I was in the hospital for 3 days with my daughter who was born 11/2. We could have visitors as long as it was one at a time and they wore a mask. We didn’t have to wear masks except to check in.

mine was scheduled and my son decided to come the day before… i had him at 535 in the morning and they tried getting me to leave not even 24 hours later. i told them no thanks and stayed for 3 days.

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I had my 3rd son via scheduled c-section which actually turned into an emergency and 2 weeks sooner then planned. November 13th 2020 in Melbourne, australia. We were still in lockdown over here and I went for my appointment on Thursday and the midwife said “come back to get him out tomorrow morning” I stayed 3 nights but my baby went into NICU so I went home after 3 nights but then went back to stay with my baby.

I stayed 2 nights. They came in the 3rd day and asked if I would feel comfortable going home and I said absolutely. I hate hospitals and we had a 3 year old at home.

Mine was scheduled and i stayed 2 nights. This was in January 2021

I had my scheduled C section (breech baby) back in May of 2020 when all the lockdowns started. From what I have been told it’s still basically the same process, aside from having to be covid tested upon arrival at the hospital. Only one person was allowed in with me at all times, and they could not leave and come back. We had to wear masks during the whole procedure, and only afterward when we were around the nurses and doctors. When alone in our room we didn’t need a mask. Now, we ended up only staying in the hospital for 2 nights and 1 day, which I’ve been told is short compared to non-covid c section stays. This was my first child as well so I don’t have much to base off of, also this was a c section done in Pennsylvania.

So first born… about five days with pain meds until the last day.

Second born… jerks took my pain med IV out in recovery! Because I had I had Medicaid and I went home no longer than three days.

Only 2 days. Only thing different was just 2 visitors at a time.

It was so much more relaxing because of Covid.
I had my second in November.
You can actually rest afterwards, no visitors, no nurses coming in and out 24/7, I was in the hospital 2 days after. I probably should have stayed another day, but I wanted to be home with my whole family.

One in November just 2 days. Just had to have a mask when walking around. Also I had to do covid test

I had my baby girl on Monday night emergency c section and we were home buy Thursday evening

Had my baby girl in march 2020. The first covid patients had just hit our hospital. My husband wasn’t allowed in the OR…to conserve PPE…was BS. No visitors. They tried to not allow him to come and go…she was our 5th child! It was a nightmare. I was admitted at night…had my csection unplanned at 36 weeks the next morning. Its not quite so strenuously at the hospital as it was then. But It was scary. I was discharged the day after in the am.