What was your babies heart rate at 9 weeks?

What was your baby heartbeat when you were pregnant… And what was the gender??? I’m just curious I’m was nine weeks when I got my first heartbeat and it was 160


My daughter and boys both ran around 150

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My daughters stayed in the 160s

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I didn’t hear mine till 21 weeks & his was 169. I heard both my girls right away and they were both 163 & 167.

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My son was in the 160s

160 is pretty average for 9 weeks. Heart rate doesn’t determine gender.

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My son’s was in the 180s at 9 weeks and then leveled off to around the 140s for about the rest of the pregnancy

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Both my girl and boy we’re 160s

160 boy
140 girl
130 girl

All 3 of my babies had heartbeats in the 160 range. I have one boy and two girls.

150s for both of my boys

My sons was always in the 160s, my daughters was always in the 140s

Both of my babies were 160 and up and I had a girl and boy

My daughter was around 150. Im pregnant with my son now its around 140 to 150

My little boys was always between 160-180

My baby’s heart beat was 194 at 8 weeks and 5 days… Unfortunately it died a few days later :sweat: no clue if the gender because it was so early in the pregnancy.

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My daughter was in the 140’s in the second trimester but dropped into the 120’s in the third trimester.

  1. I was bleeding out and I thought I lost her. They told me that she had a strong heartbeat :heart:

How messed up is it that I’ve never been able to hear my babies heartbeats that early. Even at 12 weeks (the earliest I’ve heard any of my babies heartbeat and ive had 7) was about 180. I was a little shocked but my ob said it will slow a little as baby gets bigger and gave me the hummingbird v bear heart rate difference speech.

140’s boy (currently) I dont remember my daughters