What was your experience with having kids two years apart?

I have a question my baby is currently four months old, and I was wondering about baby number 2 (my last pregnancy) I wanted to know from the mommy’s out there what their experiences are with children with an under two year age gap.


I wouldnt. I have 4, 2 of my own and 4 yrs apart and it still was heinous. Too close and they wont get individual attn from you. Most ppl think oh 1 is no big deal lets have another and they dont have a clue how adding 1 makes it 10 times harder. If i could go back id do 6 yrs or more apart.

My 3 oldest are a year apart and it was just fine no struggle at all. I had my 2 oldest in a double stroller and my youngest on my chest

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My first 2 were 3 years apart, my last 2 were 18 months apart. Though it was a lot of work in the end I would much rather have had them all close together

I had a bunch of kids, some under two years apart. The toddlers seemed to handle it pretty well. As they grew they fought a lot but they are super close now and their bond becomes very strong. I liked having them close in age but it can be exhausting!


My kids are 23 months apart. 9 & 11 now… I dont think it was that bad, especially since my oldest essentially potty trained herself right after her brother arrived… now that they’re a bit older they nitpick with each other more, but still pretty good.

All my kids are about 2 years apart. I struggled with balancing their needs and my own well-being. I can tell you right now I was not a fun person to be around up until after potty training ended.

Its a wonderful experience my 2 girls are 1year and 2 months apart they are so close they have that special bond with each other they don’t fight with each other at all. They love each other so much

My 1-3 are three years apart which I found to be perfect but 3-4 are a year and half and it was rough at some moments. In the school years the three years apart was very convenient. It is a matter of your patience and tolerance. I had them young so that helped. My brother and I are 1 year and a half apart and we are practically twins jajajaja. No perfect time it really depends on you and your partner.

I had 3 under 3 1/2 years …hard work but they are all still very close which is so nice …

I have 3 one is 17 the other is about to be 16 and my youngest is 14 , so when they were babies it was draining overwhelming and stressful ,what helped me was sleeping when they slept , getting as much rest as possible when possible , and keeping them entertained for as long as possible . I look back now and idk how I did it cause I could not do it now :joy:

Wish I could post pictures lol my boys aren’t two years apart but a year apart ages 4 and 5. Most days they are best friends, but some days they are not and that’s okay. Lol it won’t always be glorious. I wish I did this with my oldest. She’s almost 12 and even with younger siblings it’s like she’s by herself with no one to talk to other than me. I love being her best friend don’t get me wrong, but would of loved to had her a sister or brother close to her age so she doesn’t feel alone. Because my boys do everything together. I went for that this time for that reason. Honestly can’t say I’m exhausted. I love a fast pace environment so it works out for me. They will keep you on your toes. It’s funny when they don’t like the same stuff and you mix it up like sandwiches, one likes peanut butter, one hates jelly or one likes cheese and no meat the other likes meat and no cheese :joy: fun times

My girls are 14 months apart and are best friends most of the time. It seemed like we spent a lot of time in the diaper stage but it was nice to get it all over with at once. Now they are 6 and 7 and I can’t imagine it any other way!

My girls are almost 2yrs exact part N in the beginning it was tough I ain’t gunna lie. Buying 2 different sizes of diapers and one going through terrible twos and my newborn in the nicu it was tough but now that the baby crawls they are the best of friends

Mine are exactly 2 years 4 days apart. Boy and girl. They have always been close. Of course the typ sib squabbles. Now 14 and 12.

21 months between mine. It’s a rough start, but once you find your groove it’s amazing!

My first and second are 1 year apart and my second and third are 1 year apart. I liked it. All 3 out of diapers at once :grin:

I purposely spaced mine because I didn’t get along with my sibling who is 20 months younger.

My boys are two years apart and I love it and they fight every now and then but they couldn’t be closer

Hectic for the first few years but it is so worth it!