What were you doing when you went into labor?

Hey, mamas, I’m curious. What was everyone doing when they went into labor with their kids? I’ll start. With my first I was visiting with my aunt, we were watching tv and I ended up with.few contractions and the inability to get comfortable. With my daughter, I had to be induced because my labor kept stalling. My third baby is due soon, and I wonder what ill be doing.


With my oldest I was sleeping it was about 1 a.m and my youngest was trying to go to sleep started at 7 p.m

I was sleeping, I thought I peed the bed turned out my water broke

I was peacefully sleeping in my bed when my water broke at 1:11am and I leaped to the bathroom like the floor was lava😆

Trying to start work Lisa Cline :joy:

With 3 out of my 5 I went into labor right after having sex. The other 2 I don’t remember.

My 1,2nd one i was sleeping when my water broke, My 3rd one i was cleaning our new house we had just moved into my 4th one they induced me because she was over 11 pounds and still not due for 2 more weeks…

With my first i was asleep. With my second I was viewing a new house… I did end up buying it!

With both of my girls, I was sleeping. Woke up around 5:30 am with contractions. I’m due in two weeks with my son (but will be induced in one week) and I have a feeling he’s going to need to be evicted.

With my first daughter i was in bed. With my second daughter we were leaving the ball game.

When I had my youngest, I had to beg, plead, and pay my mom to watch my oldest till his bio donor could get there. I wasn’t expecting to have an emergency induction when I went in for my NST testing

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I was induced both times so I was getting ready before labor :sweat_smile:

I was induced all times except one. We were trying to “induce labor” well it worked and my water broke. :rofl:

With my first i went in for an NST, and had gone from 1.5cm to 4.4cm dilated overnight so they induced me. My second I was trying to sleep and had extreme pain, was admitted for HELLP syndrome, he was born emergency c section four days later and 4 weeks early

Just sat down at Golden Coral for dinner. Water broke. My husband jumped up. I told him to sit and eat. This baby isn’t coming at this moment. Lol


I was sleeping with both of mine. With my son my water broke and with my daughter I started spotting blood and went to the hospital and as labor progressed I had to have my waters broken

I was sleeping first pregnancy, started tossing and turning really bad and when I woke up 1 am I was having contractions. With my second pregnancy 7 pm I was coloring and I was actually having Braxton hicks all day which progressed to contractions without me noticing until I lost my mucus plug. I didn’t believe it so we went to the hospital and yup I was in labor lol.

Working as a waitress. Contractions started at 10:30 shift started at 11. Had back labor so I thought it was just back pain. Made it all the way thru the lunch ruch and then some before going in.

Sitting in the movie theater through Titanic when it came out
It was soooo long that it even had an Intermission and I was so uncomfortable :rofl:

1 and 2 i was at work. 3rd and 4th I was at home laying down. 5th I was induced because of high blood pressure. I have a feeling the 6th will also be an induction or just me being at home again laying down lol