What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

I had a awful taste in my mouth that wasn’t going away. I found out i was pregnant 3 days before my period

Sneezing. Apparently it’s a thing called rhinitis.

Indescribable fatigue. I couldn’t get out of my own way. Slept 12 hours at night.

Sounds a lot like my symptoms. I was so irritable, tired, and my uterus was so sore especially by day 7 and 8 - to the point I couldn’t wear jeans and any pressure on my pelvis made the cramping/aching feeling worse. I didn’t even want to wear pants. I had 3 miscarriages in the 5 months previous to that so not sure if that’s why I was extra sore and could feel implantation? But I felt it each time. Also got very lightheaded dizzy and out of breath barely doing anything, even just getting dressed.

I was exhausted, everything made me tired. Also my boobs were sore.

My first one my boobs was sore and I kept heart burn. The second one I had constant cramps and thought my period was coming but it never did.

Tender breast, felt like I had a cold, motion sickness

I had gotten so dizzy I almost had to call my hubby home from work to keep an eye on our son, and even though I didn’t have it confirmed right away my microscopic daughter was deff hitting my uterus like it was a trampoline and I knew before a test I was pregnant with a girl

I thought I had bad pms I would cry from tv! I had cramps so I thought my period was coming. My boobs were extremely sore I texted 6 days late

I missed my period had sore boobs and cramping like my period was close but it never came. Tested after my missed period got 4 positive test back. Currently 8 weeks and I have very vivid dreams sometimes not all the time the nausea is insane and my boobs still hurt

At about 10 DPO I had period like cramps and then 11DPO I started to be turned off by Satay (not like me) and 12DPO I picked a stupid fight with my partner and at that point decided I should go buy some tests. Tested that night and had a dark BFP. :tada:

Everyone is different!!! I have three kids and I had symptoms the week of. Not even a joke. My tatas hurt in the shower. I was nauseous. Tired. Crampy. Its probably 1 in 1000000 but trust me it’s possible to have them that early. I did. I KNEW instantly and it was extremely hard for me to get pregnant

The tingling for sure

Head caches sore boobs and sciatica

I was about a week post ovulation and my boyfriend told me I was pregnant. We weren’t actively trying, but we weren’t trying to prevent it either. The day of my missed period, the pregnancy test was positive. I had no symptoms though. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Wake up and throw up! Morning sickness.

Intensified sense of smell and nausea

I had similar symptoms with my first child. My mom had just died, and I blamed my issues on stress and grief.

1st of I just had a positive at 1 week lost the next day so take a test of test line there it’s a positive but I didn’t have any symptoms just need to know for a physical