What would be the best camera for taking sports/kids pictures?

If I wanted to get a camera to take pictures of my kids, sports, and family that has the ability to look professional, what do you suggest? Prefer one that comes with a couple of good lenses to get started. I’m not looking to go pro like literally TONS of people already do that around me.

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I have a Nikon 3300 camera body and I usually use my 55-300 lens for soccer games

Canon Rebel… Nikon 3200 or higher… use the active setting…

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I take pictures and videos on my OLD Apple mini iPad. I took two amazing trips one to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bears and the other to the Amazon and Gallopogos. I bought a fantastic Nikon from the guys at the camera shop. I like the pictures and videos on my iPad equally as well or better.