What would happen if I called an ambulance?

What would happen if I called an ambulance because I’m in an incredible amount of pain, and it’s just my kids and me?? I’ve been having horrible stomach pain since Monday and don’t have a way to get to the urgent care or er. My husband is always too busy, and I don’t have anyone else that can take me. I just would like info from anyone that might know what happens when a parent needs to go to the hospital in an ambulance, and there is nobody to watch the children. Will they bring the kids with me or find child care for them?? None of the family can watch them cause they’re all at work and don’t want to take off. Tia


Sorry husband to busy. Thats bs he should be there through sickness and health


Are they in carseats?

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Ambulances can bring two children

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For 1 they don’t like leaving the kids at home by them self’s so more than likely they will ask you first if any one can get off and come get them if not they will go with you

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That need to be in seats and one that can ride in the front 4"9 or over 13

The police would get a hold of your husband


Generally they can adjust straps for children over 1 infants would need their car seats

Usually if a single parent goes to the hospital by ambulance they ask if someone can watch them if not the have a dcf worker come watch them at the hospital i think. Its nothing bad its just how they do it


They normally try and contact your spouse or family to come and get them. Sometimes they take them.to the hospital or police station till a family member can be reached and lastly they contact cps or a childcare aid to see what steps can be taken.

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Shame on your husband and family! It might be life threatening then who will keep the kids?!!


#1 throw the husband away, he should be staying home with the kids and taking you to the e.r.
Call an uber


In va they offer a Medicade taxi that can take you covered by your insurance not sure about other states bit surely they offer something similar

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EMS does not provide daycare. And emergency services will tell you to call next of kin for the children depending on your condition. If you are unable to supervise or care for your children and your husband refuses to show up, DHS will be notified.


First of all, your husband is an ass…
Have you considered calling a taxi?
Ambulance should be able to bring a couple kids, if they can’t they may have the police and a social worker show up to the home to provide urgent care.

If its not an emergency that requires an ambulance don’t call them! Someone could be in more life threatening danger than you, think smart.


Wtf husband too busy???


Call an ambulance. The police usually show up too. They will call your husband and demand he come and be responsible for his children!


Kids can ride in an ambulance along with you. Though if the kids are too young and require a car seat that may be an issue.

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Once you take care of yourself. You may want to have a very long conversation with your husband. What horrible human