What would you do if family never visited?

What would you do if you had family that NEVER visited your child: their grandchild/niece/nephew? You’ve reached out, made the invitation open to visit( with notice), and yet the family still does not. Should you continue being the only one that makes an effort?


No it sounds like they’re selfish. I wouldn’t continue to make the effort but still invite them to events such as birthdays etc.

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I don’t think you should keep making the effort. I’ve had this same problem and decided I was not going to force anyone to be apart of my children’s life. I know that it sucks but it’s truly their loss


I would say it depends on the distance and financial situations. Like I would love to visit my family more but money and time says no. And my family lives far away, I would never expect them to come. Technology makes it so family can see each other and visit from miles away.


cut them off for good

Nope. Going through this now. Love you precious child and don’t worry about those family members

My dad has met my 9.5 month old son 1 time 7 months ago. The way I see it…it’s his loss. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Nope. Stop trying and give them the effort that they give you.


Mine don’t visit. And I have no holla for any of them

Nope. Been there, done that. My kids are old enough to see it for themselves. We do our own thing. We still invite sometimes, but we expect it.

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Stop reaching out. They need to make time. Their loss. Not the child’s.


Nope. You tried. Let them come to you. Otherwise, screw them and do you.

Nope been there done that and when my son got old enough to wonder why. I stopped because it was hurting him in the long run

I’d stop inviting them and stop making efforts also. If they wanna see my kids they can call me I’m not wasting my time anymore for no one.

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I’ve invited my nieces to come spend the night with me and my kids, but I didn’t realize that my now 8 yr old niece was terrified of dogs until I asked my brother and sis in law why she couldn’t come over. They have tried to get her too but she is too scared so I don’t force it I let my daughter stay with them. There could be an underlying problem. They have never been to our house since we got the dog.

I know i gave up…if they wanted to be a part of it all then they would be

Depends on how far away this family lives and if they put in any effort in another way (ft, texts to ask how they’re doing, etc.). We have family across the US that have only visited my son when he was born but ft often and text to see how he’s doing. We go over there once a year and don’t make a fuss about it.

No. If they don’t do it they dont care. If they did it would show in their actions. Actions speak way louder than words do. People can say they love you and you’re kid(s) all they want but if they dont show it its not genuine and want a title and not what comes with it.

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Nope. If they want to partake in your child’s life they will try to do so. Now living far away from each other, money issues, etc can be reasons they don’t visit. But if that’s not the case, then I wouldn’t even bother with them if they wouldn’t bother with you. My husband’s side of the family is like this and we stopped bothering and it’s been 2 years and they have still made no effort to see him. Might just be better to let family like that go

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My sisters Live one town over and I see them once every 2-3 years and my children have to be reminded that they have cousins and aunts .