What would you do if you were told your baby had trisomy 21?

Has anyone had an elevated high-risk quad-screen result? Has anyone gone through a pregnancy knowing there is a fetal anomaly? What would you do if you were told at 20 weeks your baby has trisomy 21?


I found out that my baby boy (due any day now) has cleft lip/ cleft palate at my 20 week ultrasound. They gave me the option to terminate pregnancy. At this point I had already become attached to my little guy (feeling his movement and preparing his room). We were made aware of everything else that can possibly be “wrong” with him as well (after one or more abnormalities occur they are typically more found after birth). It took about two months for me to get over the guilt of feeling like it was my fault that something may be wrong with my little guy because I didn’t do enough for him early in pregnancy (lost thirty pounds from being so sick and I was (and still am) recovering from a very severe eating disorder) so it definitely felt like my fault. If you keep the baby just know that you will love the baby just as much if not more because of their differences. ( if family doesn’t except your child then they aren’t real family) good luck with whatever you choose. Please do seek therapy either way to help with all of the big emotions that sometimes are to much to handle. Your Mental health is a big priority that needs taken care of

I would terminate. My husband and I have discussed it at length and would terminate. Ultimately it’s your decision! I’m an L&D nurse and I love caring for those babies but it breaks my heart knowing they are going home to hospice care.

I’d abort. There’s always the chance to try again. Really look at your options and what kind of commitment it’d be to bring that child up in the world. It’s just cell tissue at this point, honey. Cake batter is not a cake, even if it’s already been in the oven a couple minutes.

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Re: Trisomy 21
I had very high 1/35 chance of my baby having Down’s syndrome.
I had an amniocentesis done and had counseling.

My baby was born without Down’s syndrome and was very healthy but he has Austism, Aspergers, selective mutism, chronic anxiety and complex learning difficulties.

I couldn’t make a decision to terminate my pregnancy.

He is the most gorgeous little boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard but worth every single moment.

You will know what’s right in your heart for you.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What would you do if you were told your baby had trisomy 21?

Id have the baby, bc doctors aren’t always correct. Best of luck to you. :white_heart:


Love that baby little extra. And sometimes test arent right


I’d have the baby regardless. Down syndrome is not the end of the world.


Have and love my baby no matter what.

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Depends on your personal circumstances. My kids dad and I discussed what we would choose to do when we found out we were having a baby and were both on the same page that if there was an anomaly we would terminate because we felt we weren’t in the position financially/emotionally etc to continue on with the pregnancy if that was the case. It’s different for everyone and if you feel like you are comfortable with proceeding with the pregnancy then more power to you and if not then there’s absolutely no shame in that either.


I would have it anyway and love it. Down syndrome kids are so cute and lovable just right down special


I wouldn’t do anything different than I planned on doing especially seeing Drs aren’t always right and no matter what I would love my child.


Pick a name and start preparing them for eviction. Same as I did my other 4. At that point I’m attached and already loving my little nugget.


In my pregnancy groups a few girls would get a positive. There were lots of responses about babies turning coming out normal and lots of responses about babies with downs being the biggest blessings ever experienced :heart:

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All the research in the world to give my baby the best chance at life


I was told this I would love her no matter what. I refused any further genetic testing and my baby girl is perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Doctors and tests aren’t always correct :upside_down_face:


Don’t do something u will regret bc kids with special needs are amazing! I not only have one with special needs but worked in special Ed for 7 years!! I know it’s difficult and hard work at times but they are just the best!!! I was told with one of mine they had downs and she actually isn’t downs and is on the other end of the spectrum altogether and is considered gifted. My youngest I was told to abort bc she had spina bifida and she would suffer and die after birth. And that was not true either!!!


I know 2 cases that the doctors said that and babies were born perfectly!!!


Trisomy 21 is a very complicated hard pill to swallow. Our son had severe hydrocephalus and TAPVR ( heart defect). He passed at 12 weeks old. You just fight for them while they have time on this earth. No matter how little it may be. Hugs Momma!