What would you do if you woke up and your fiance wasn't home?

I need advice. So I woke up around 130am to find that my fiancé wasn’t at home… when I called, he picked up and said he was out “driving around,”… which I don’t believe at all. When he gets home, I went through his phone and saw he was getting emails from some kinda one-night stand website where you meet people to hookup. I’m so hurt and lost. I don’t believe for one second he was just driving around at that time of night and the website thing is a whole other thing. What would you ladies do? I’m furious. Help!!!


Pack his shit and kick him out

Respect yourself. His behavior could expose you to any number of diseases. Walk away NOW!


Leave his sorry ass. Who knows what his dip stick was. Sell ring as well that’s not real man.

I think you know what you need to do. You don’t deserve that and he doesn’t deserve you. If they cheat once they’ll do it again.

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Dump Him!! You don’t need him and I doubt he’s making sure they’re clean so he’s putting your heath at risk.

Don’t leave, kick him the f out.


Pack your stuff and just walk away u can do better Gluck anyways

I Would bring it up to him hear what he has to Say then Leave… i would want to know everything but thats me.


Um I think that’s obvious, he’s out and about at 1:30 in the morning. You don’t need help you need to bounce. Too many girls out here playing around with these little boys that can’t be loyal because they are in “love”. Respect yourself enough to see that he doesn’t respect you or your future marriage running around like he is. You know deep down you need to get out and just leave, don’t let your emotions get in the way of the Truth. He’s cheating and pretending to be engaged to you. If he can’t stay loyal during an engagement just think how bad it’s going to get while your married. On top of that he could expose you to all kinds of stds or worse.

Dude it’s written out for you. Dip dip dip dip dip :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

He wasn’t driving around. He was driving to and from some hookup. Gross. Leave.


Girl dump him quick they never change

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Why is he still your fiancee and you dont trust and believe him???

Burn his clothes in the driveway

Kick him to the curb and save yourself the heart ache

Please realize your worth more! Your future for you is worth more, marriage won’t stop that from happening either. Be strong and hold your head high and pack your bags that’s what I would do!

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Leave eww you deserve better

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Run as fast as you can!

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Get rid once a cheat always a cheat