What would you do if your family never visited your child?

What would you do if you had family that NEVER visited your child: their grandchild/niece/nephew? You’ve reached out, made the invitation open to visit( with notice), and yet the family still does not. Should you continue being the only one that makes an effort?


I’ve been doing this for three years and I stopped . I’m done making all the effort .


Nope!! It’s their loss. Don’t stress it love.

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Stop reaching out and cut ties with them. When they ask why tell them you tried over and over again to reach out and they were not interested so they can stay that way.


Not at all! I stopped years ago, those who really care will make an effort

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Story of my life. Just keep living yalls life. Thry wanna come around they know where yall live

Just stop. My husbands family is like this.

I live it everyday. The best thing to do is learn from it and not let ur grandchildren go thru it

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My dad refuses to meet my kids. I’ve given up

They are responsible for the relationship they have with your child, not you.


You finally let it go. My brother lives about 15 blocks away from me and I haven’t seen him in like 12 years. His wife keeps him away from us

I stopped reaching out and lost nearly everyone. And now according to all of them its my fault. But oh well

Nope don’t waste your time! My oldest father’s side and father hasn’t seen her in two years, their choice I tried and tried and tired and nothing came out of it but a sad little girl crying at the window, I now have a husband that loves her and spends all his time with her and she sees him as daddy, and his family as Nana,papa and aunts and uncles, don’t torture your child by trying to have them in her life

I wouldnt make the effort its taking you to keep your child in contact. Its their loss. Plus it could get worse as your child grows and could cause a negative impact on your baby. Protect your childs heart at all costs!

Leave them alone don’t waste your time

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If you are the daughter i suggest u make time to take them to your parents …u know parents get old andnthier bodies aren’t the same they have pain that they don’t tell us about so we don’t worry …they can’t drive or if they do its to where they go and back …believe me I learned the hard way

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Hell no nope their kids not yours

You’ve made the effort, just let it go and go on with your life, if they want to see the child they will make the effort( I’ve been there)


My father has never met my 3yr son. He only met my 9yr old daughter once. I’m over it. If he wanted to, he would have. They appreciate the 2x per year checks he sends them and that’s it. :woman_shrugging:

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Nope give up. Fuck em.