What would you do if your mother in law played favorites?

Do any other mommas feel like their MIL plays favorites between her grandchildren? How do you deal with it when your child is on the “losing” end? My LO is only 1 yr, so I know he doesn’t understand, but I don’t want him to grow up feeling unloved, and it really upsets me. Any time we point it out to her, she denies it. Any help or advice on how other mommas cope would be greatly appreciated!


How is she playing favorites?

I’ll be following to see replies, struggling with this issue also.


Simple don’t expose him to it he’s your most important job so protect him mentally physically and emotionally


My mil is the same, you may think you are just being sensitive but if you are feeling like that now, it wont get better. What i did was i stopped letting my in laws coming near me and my son. I concentrated on people who really loves and appreciate us. i explain it clearly to my son that we dont need to hate them but we dont need their bs. I dont want my son near anyone where he needs to compete with anyones attention to like and to love him. We will only get abuse and taken advantage that is so toxic. It has been 3 years since we last saw them. it’s the best thing that ever happened to us.

Keep an eye open. Some grandmas are better when kids are older.

Then she shouldnt see any of them.

My ex mil did this between the grandchildren. She favored my ex’s two boys over his daughter or our son. She also played favorites between her other son’s children as well. I knew it would happen, I watched her play favorites before we were even married…so when it happened I wasn’t shocked. Luckily, my parents are the bomb so they lose out none

My family did this. They are no longer in my kids’ lives or mine.

I just keep my kids away :woman_shrugging:

I actually feel bad becoz my mom favours my kids over her other grankids

Cut ties with granny :woman_shrugging:t3:


Could be that she is only comfortable with older kids. It’s hard to tell. There isn’t much information in the post.

I am going threw the same thing I am no longer going to let them be apart of my sons life it’s what’s for the best


My MIL does the same thing with my oldest niece. She would always favor her, and still does. She does it right in front of me when it comes to my daughter and younger niece. Me and my SIL repeatedly tell her this, but it doesn’t change a thing. I’d say it’s because she’s her oldest grandchild, but saying so would be enabling her to continue to do so. There’s really no excuse for it. I’m sorry you’re going through it too.

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I dealt with this for 12 years, my children are still dealing with this. The oldest(14) can’t stand either of the grandparents. They barely see them, the youngest(12 and the only boy grandchild) is starting to feel the same. Trust me when I say, your child isn’t missing out, the adults( who are assholes who should know better) are the real ones who are missing out all the love a child can give.

Can you give some examples? Are there big age differences? Maybe she’s not as comfortable with little ones? Not enough info really. If it does start affecting your kid I’d cut ties if needed

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My MIL does this… she favours her daughter’s kids over her 3 son’s kids… we cut contact as did her 2 other sons families


We had to deal with this with my FIL… he treated our kids differently than my SIL kids. So we removed ourselves and our kids from his life to an extent.


She has you and your husband. If you don’t start showing her that and speak of it in front of your child she will never notice a difference