What's it like giving birth alone?

Has anyone giving both alone besides with your doctor and nurses of course? If so what’s it like?


Peaceful as hell! I was alone my whole labor with my daughter and it was awesome


It was nice. I enjoyed it very much

I was alone, physically. But I felt my mother’s presence the whole time. She passed in '97. I gave birth to my son in 2010.


I didnt give birth alone, but I labored by myself at home with my cat for 10 hours :tipping_hand_woman: once I went to the hospital my husband met me there (he was driving from out of town work) and 5 minutes later our son was born. I liked laboring by myself and was really calm with the idea that my husband may not make it there in time.

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My first baby I was alone when I delivered but not by choice I was at a hospital over an hr away from my house and they wouldn’t let my mom or ex stay over night with me . the nurses called my mom when I was in active labor around 5am but they didn’t make it in time because she came too quickly. I was 17 it was a bit terrifying but I dont think it would have been any easier if my mom and ex were there . . the dr didn’t even make it my daughter was delivered by a nurse :sweat_smile:

I did. I was told we had plenty of time, so the husband went home to shower. (Construction worker, he was filthy) she came before he got back. Quite peaceful honestly!

I wasn’t alone but I could’ve been! I was in my own zone and didn’t want anyone near me or to talk or touch me while I pushed lol if I had to do it again I would’ve been totally fine on my own.

I think, it may feel different for different reasons, are you alone because you’re a single mother, alone because of covid, or alone because fam isn’t close?

I had my mom and my best friend with me. It was peaceful, hard, tiring, painful and happy all at the same time. My doctor was amazing every step of the way

I did with my last one back in 2018, it was very calm, peaceful, and I had amazing supportive nurses! It was a little scary at first but i enjoyed it!

For me it was very lonely. I asked baby daddy to stay and he chose not to.


I birthed alone and it was really nice. I didn’t have to worry about anyone or anything other than pushing out my beautiful girl and it was great.

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I wasn’t alone for the actual birthing of my son but I did most of my laboring alone. It was quite peaceful. I slept on the couch through almost my entire labor.

One of my deliveries I was alone. I drove myself to the hospital. Oddly, it was easier in a sense, hard to explain…but, I felt that I didn’t whine as much cause no one was there to hear me lol

I was alone for all four of mine, except for the medical team. If somebody else was in there I wouldn’t be able to concentrate as well

My mom and exhusband argued. I wish I had been alone.

My husband walked in as babies head was crowning on his way out with our second. He stopped in twice but I sent him home to our daughter to say goodnight plus he had a drs appointment after being off for almost 5 months due to a work injury. When I sent him home I was told I had plenty of time because I was barely a 4. 10 minutes later I was a 10 and needed to push.
My first he was there the entire time.
The nurses stopped in to check on me and visit a lot more with my second because I was alone. It was fine.
I didn’t even realize he came in with our second at the end just that the nurse said I could push after practically begging me to wait so my husband could get there.

Yes I did give birth alone for my last two children. It was not too bad. My husband would pass out if he stayed. It was quiet. Peaceful even. No one was bothering me. I didn’t have to worry about embarrassing things happening. I had great nurses and doctor so we are never alone really. Just not with someone close to us.

I wasn’t alone but I could of been and it would of been ok because your not really only baby is there with you it’s an empowering experience you will do great!