What's the best way to cook a turkey?

How do you guys cook your turkey? I am a wreck with being in charge of cooking it this year and I want it to be perfect


Wrap it in bacon and throw it in the oven.

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Just throw it in the oven with some stuffing. Let’s be honest, everyone knows the side dishes are the stars, not the turkey.


But u can make ur turkey with sides… :thinking: maybe stuffed with Dressing & wrapped with bacon! Lol

Now u have a star turkey with 2 sides included

Put it in a nesco or roaster and go low and slow all day, it stays nice and juicy and you wont be know as the girl who made a dry ass turkey…

We use the cheesecloth method. You soak cheesecloth in melted butter and then cover the turkey in it and bake. :yum:

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Use a cooking bag. Follow directions on the bag pkg

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I use butter salt and pepper on mine put it in the oven on 200 before you go to sleep with 2 inches of water in the pan and let it go

Microwave that sumbitch.


Brine it. Inject it. Rub it down. Bake it. Yum!!

I always cook my Turkey Christmas eve in the evening. Then I wrap it in foil and leave it in the oven till the next day . Then Christmas day i carve it all up and put gravy over it and pop it back in the oven for 20 minutes.
Tastes lush. X

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Oster brand electric roaster!

My husband is smoking ours this year :joy: he’s always in charge of the Turkey, but you can’t go wrong with oven either. Pinterest has great recipes!

Microwave for 90 mins


We put butter under the skin (especially in the breast area) and cook in a cooking bag. Never dry.

I am old fashioned. I bake mine in an oven at 325, stuffed. I follow directions for ‘how long to bake’. I salt the inside and put my stuffing in the bird. I put it in a roasting pan, tin foil the wings tight, then cover the turkey with a lid or aluminum foil. after 1 hr start basting every 30 with drippings or chicken stock. Works every time and is a beautiful moist bird


Butter, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper all mixed and put in between the skin and the meat of the turkey, high heat 425 for 25 mins then 250 until done. (About 4 hrs for a 22 lb turkey)

Upside down, butter in skin, salt n pepper n thrown in the oven

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In a roasting pan with butter, salt, pepper, and broth of choice. Covered with aluminum foil and basted every hour or so.