When can babies sleep on their stomach?

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My babies stopped sleeping on their backs as soon as they could roll. Talked to my pediatrician about it and he said keep an eye and put them to sleep on their backs but it’s ok if they roll. Just make sure there’s nothing extra in the bed. (Pillows, blankets, plushies, etc.)

My son never liked sleeping on his back, he would only sleep on his stomach. I would put him on his back and then he’d end up on his stomach. I would just keep an eye on him

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Its not good for babies to sleep on their tummy.
So I wouldn’t allow it.
You can start with tummy time I’d wait until they are a month. As well never leave them during that time

When they can roll over both ways by them selves all of the time but always put baby to sleep on their back, if they roll onto their stomach it is generally okay I would also make sure there is nothing else in the crib with them, no blankets or stuffies or pillows

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My babies hated sleeping on their backs. Since the day I brought them home they slept on their tummy’s unless they were in the swing while sleeping. First was 10 days old when she came home and. Second was 18 days old when she came home. Third was 3 days old when he came home

Whenever you want them to. As long as you pay attention to your child and check on them periodically, they’ll be fine.


I know people who did it and it was ok, I always put mine on their side. It doesn’t really matter much, it’s just a choice.

Whenever they start crawling around so they don’t smother themselves

I always put my girls on their side, swapping back n forth every time I fed them, didn’t trust putting them on their back cause they can strangle on their spit up


I had one baby who cried if you put her to sleep on her back and another who would only sleep on her back. All different.


Sleeping on the stomach is the worst position. This why you as an adult sleep on their stomach. I deal with patients with all sore of neck and upper back problems because they sleep on their stomach.

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In the 60,s we were told on their sides ,then in the 70,it was on their fronts,now it,s on their backs with feet touching the bottom of crib or cot !!!Which way will it be next?.

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When they can roll over on their own and push up with their arms, but always put them in their beds on their backs.


When they roll on their on


Once your child can easily turn over


They sleep as they wish


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All of my kids always did this and it made me so nervous